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Benefits of an Indoor Play Structure

September 1, 2017 jill Blog
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By Grant Davies

The addition of a soft, self-contained indoor play structure offers many benefits to a religious facility, such as increased membership, greater enjoyment of experience and improved play and activity value.

In an increasingly competitive world where every organization is vying for an advantage, adding a play structure play structure to a church is sure to provide a positive point of distinction. Families that may be trying to determine which church is the best choice for them are sure to see the inclusion of a play structure as a benefit.

Rather than waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for their parents to socialize or handle their various committee responsibilities, children can instead play in a secure environment that offers a superior play experience than running around an open space such as a lobby.

Creating a place where all members of the family can find enjoyment simultaneously is a must!

When a pause from classroom learning is required, play structures not only offer an opportunity for children to be active, burn energy and fight obesity, they offer continued learning.

The benefits of experiential learning are well documented, and a well-designed play structure provides children with an environment that is favorable to this learning model. If desired, educators can design a brief lesson related to each child’s experience on the play structure.

In addition, there is evidence that play improves communication skills and builds self-confidence while providing participants with a greater sense of happiness.

Indoor play structures also allow religious facilities to reach out and be leaders in their communities beyond their membership while possibly providing themselves with additional revenue streams.

Families, organizations and individuals are consistently looking for inviting environments to host birthday parties, year-end sports team wrap-ups and corporate team building events. Churches can use their play structure and surrounding space to host these types of occasions as fee-based private events.

Furthermore, there is an opportunity to open the play structure space to a weekly “community day” where non-members of the church can come and enjoy themselves for a minimum fee. Increase revenue while bringing the community together!

Many churches choose to locate their play structure in a lobby or in a room where large windows are prominent so that the visual benefit of the structure is realized and the entire area becomes one of the focal points of the facility.

Grant Davies is senior sales executive for International Play Company, Established in 1999, International Play Company has more than 17 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of indoor and outdoor play structures.

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