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How to Keep Your Church Clean

  Keeping your church clean is vital to your church congregation. You want to provide a safe and healthy experience for your parishioners and guests, so having a regular cleaning schedule and plan to tackle all the cleaning projects will help provide a continuously clean church for everyone. Just like with an office space or

9 Ways to Use Church Partitions to Transform Your Church

  With low budgets, it’s hard to justify expensive purchases. And with important community and missionary work to do, spending tens of thousand dollars just to upgrade the aesthetics of the space seems unnecessary. But modular church partitions are built for multi-functional use, meaning you can use them in main halls, prayer rooms, Sunday schools,

Energy Management, Missions, Imagination

  By Colby May Imagine with me for a minute. What if we could save energy at our homes and repurpose the savings by redirecting it to impact the most vulnerable, to provide food or water to those in need, or to reach those who have never heard of Jesus. Better yet, what if every

Tips for Effective Church Facility Management

  By Bryan Christiansen Facility management is a term used to encompass all of the activities you have to perform to manage both people and the physical environment at your worship facility. Maintenance and related activities comprise 90% of church facility management. A well-structured and proactive maintenance schedule is vital. To effectively manage your church

How to Get the Most Out of Your Church Multipurpose Room

  By Dr. Tom McElheny Your multipurpose room is key to serving ancillary church functions and ministries. With so many possible uses and different needs, organizing the multipurpose room can be a challenge. Here are some organization and design tips that will help you get the most out of your church hall or multipurpose room.

Everything You Need to Know About Renovating Churches

  By Alex E. Wendt Many churches built in the last 100 years are still standing strong today. But the inside of these churches may not have had the same luck. Peeling paint and worn-out decor are signs that it’s time to spruce up the inside of a church. Because renovating churches involves specific processes,

Multipurpose Flooring for Churches

  By Andrew Crawford Places of worship serve not only as the focal gathering point for the congregation to worship, but also double as community centers, food banks, emergency shelters, and so much more when needed. Some busier places of worship in larger towns are open seven days a week, with a wide array of

Why Your Church Needs Modular Buildings

  You may think modular construction is only useful for offices and classrooms, but that’s not the case. Many houses of worship are turning to modular construction to satisfy their needs while staying under budget. Like all modular buildings, these customizable spaces are the perfect way to accommodate growth and change quickly and easily. Let’s

Maximize the Fall Attendance Bump

  Throughout the country, churches of all sizes and denominations often experience a bump in fall church attendance. Congregations inexorably benefit from people wanting to get back into the rhythm of “normal” life after the erratic pace of summertime. Much of the fall church attendance increase is regulars being regular again, to be sure. However,

Create Better-Connected Communities with Signage

  By Ashley Kim Churches are the main source of community for many people. As such, it is essential for churches to curate in-person experiences that make churchgoers feel welcome and connected. A positive experience means newcomers are likelier to stick around, and regular congregants will feel like they’re part of the community. Posters, bulletin