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7 Steps to Perfect Church Giving Records

  Learning how to record online giving for your church efficiently is important for any congregation, especially smaller ones with less staff. Simply follow these seven tips to learn how to record online giving for your church the easy way. Routinely Reconcile Whether it is a decimal in the wrong place on an individual entry

Take the Guesswork Out of Church Finances with Outsourced Accounting

  By Sarah Barham Even in the best circumstances, managing church finances can be daunting. Factor in complex tax reports, bank reconciliations and ever-changing IRS and state guidelines, and you can guarantee church staff is overspending valuable time on accounting processes that could be streamlined. Thankfully, there’s an alternative. By outsourcing your payroll, bookkeeping, or

Property Insurance Coverage Limit Keeping Up with Inflation?

  By Steven Elkins As inflation rates continue to rise, churches and other ministries could be underinsured if they don’t keep up with the changing replacement costs of their buildings. Property valuation is one of the most critical but often overlooked aspects of insuring a ministry. To make sure your ministry is adequately insured, you

Answers to Common eGiving Questions

  You have likely seen and read articles about how online giving helps increase. It provides methods that more and more people are accustomed to—or getting accustomed to using. Since the pandemic began, churches offering online services and limited in-person attendance have been seeking solutions to keep the church doors open. Providing donors more options

The Four Distinct Giving Stages of a Believer

  By Morgan Mudge A key takeaway from COVID-19 showed us the value of online giving.  Without online giving, your church might not have survived. You are not alone. As a result of COVID-19, online giving exploded in use.  Consider these facts the accounting firm CapinCrouse discovered in a survey of churches in early 2020.

Church Financial Transparency and Accountability

  Few people are comfortable talking about money. Even fewer are comfortable handling the bookkeeping of it, especially church leaders. Now, sure. Church leaders aren’t the only people in the position of handling a task – a Herculean task if we’re being honest – but for them, it’s often so far beyond their depth, scope

The Benefits of eGiving and How to Set It Up

  By Louie Cordovado The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns forced most churches to look for new ways of having services and maintaining donations. They turned to online meetings and electronic giving (eGiving). This article will give you an overview of the benefits of online giving and how to get it set up in your

Money, Discipleship, and Spiritual Orphans

  By Dr. Robert S. Hallett Many pastors have told me in different ways – “Thank you for opening the door for me to preach on stewardship in my own church.” Money and stewardship are perhaps the most ignored, misunderstood, resisted, misused, and emotionally packed of all the topics that are on the preaching schedule

Increase Your Congregation This Holiday Season with Direct Mail

  By Joy Gendusa With American church attendance falling below the majority for the first time in eight decades, community churches are turning to marketing to keep congregation numbers up. Marketing to potential parishioners is becoming increasingly essential if you want to create a flourishing community of worship. You need to be proactive to accomplish any goal,

When Mulling Extension Ministries, Take Time to Assess Your Risk

  By Steve Follos Many churches are looking for potential new sources of income as they worry about how to bridge the gap between declining plate contributions and rising operating costs. Because churches often include multiple buildings, it makes sense to look at ways to maximize the use of these properties. As a result, it’s