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Critical Mistakes Churches Make When Planning to Build

  Churches looking to build must learn how to be a good stewardship of the construction process. However, some lessons are learned tougher than others. In my 23 years of observation and experience in church capital expansion, there is one critical error that repeats itself over and over.  It is the reason why most church

How to Avoid These Five Common Payroll Mistakes

  By Sarah Barham It’s no secret that churches face complex challenges when it comes to their finances. Accounting, taxes, payroll, internal controls, and complying with new governmental regulations all have to be taken into consideration. Here are a few best practices that can save your church major headaches. 1. Verify and specify whether the

Money with a Mission: Fund Accounting Basics

  Fund accounting is a specialized form of accounting that involves the tracking and reporting of financial information for separate funds or accounts. Each has a specific purpose for how the money can be used. Donors may set these restrictions with the church’s board or other stakeholders. Unlike traditional accounting, which is primarily concerned with

Getting Your Church Ready for a Building Project

  By Chuck Klein Here are key areas to consider as you begin the process. Churches considering a large-scale building or expansion project often start with similar questions. The biggest concern is what questions should we be asking that we haven’t already considered? Your church’s project is unique to your needs and circumstance. It requires

10 Reasons Churches Pay Too Much for Insurance

  By Terry Brown Whether you’re responsible for a large city congregation or a small, local ministry, ensuring that your church is properly protected by insurance is a vital consideration. Coverage of buildings and contents will help you recover quickly from incidents large or small, while liability protection will provide extra security in today’s litigious

The Importance of Ministry Equipment Loans

  Empowering Communities for Greater Impact In today’s rapidly evolving world, churches and ministries play a vital role in serving their communities. From offering Biblical guidance to providing support in times of need, these organizations act as pillars of strength for countless individuals. However, fulfilling their missions and expanding their outreach often requires access to

6 Keys to Increase Church Giving

  By Josh Henry Life is busy. The list of things that need to get done continues to grow. Sometimes it seems like there are never enough hours in a day. And let’s be honest…you’d love to bring on another staff person, but it seems the finances just aren’t there to support it. You feel

7 Steps to Perfect Church Giving Records

  Learning how to record online giving for your church efficiently is important for any congregation, especially smaller ones with less staff. Simply follow these seven tips to learn how to record online giving for your church the easy way. Routinely Reconcile Whether it is a decimal in the wrong place on an individual entry

Take the Guesswork Out of Church Finances with Outsourced Accounting

  By Sarah Barham Even in the best circumstances, managing church finances can be daunting. Factor in complex tax reports, bank reconciliations and ever-changing IRS and state guidelines, and you can guarantee church staff is overspending valuable time on accounting processes that could be streamlined. Thankfully, there’s an alternative. By outsourcing your payroll, bookkeeping, or

Property Insurance Coverage Limit Keeping Up with Inflation?

  By Steven Elkins As inflation rates continue to rise, churches and other ministries could be underinsured if they don’t keep up with the changing replacement costs of their buildings. Property valuation is one of the most critical but often overlooked aspects of insuring a ministry. To make sure your ministry is adequately insured, you