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When Things Get Tough, the Tough Start Marketing

  By Robert Kravitz There is going to be a lot of unfortunate fallout as a result of COVID-19.  For some brick-and-mortar retailers, this may be the last straw. Without safety nets from banks and the government, some will not survive. The same is true in other industries. For instance, some of the largest janitorial

Often Overlooked Coverages for Expanding Churches

  By Shawn Yingling As a leader of your church, you know how crucial it is to safeguard your congregation. Your members represent your church’s mission and they carry the message forward. Protecting them is one of your most important responsibilities. But when it comes to insurance, many churches only think about protecting their building

Church Insurance 101: Your Questions, Answered

Technology, your budget, and even your church facility: these are all things that can heavily influence insurance for your faith-based building. If you’re wondering how, you’re not alone. Understanding church insurance can be complicated, but once you gain clarity, the benefits can be powerful. In this article, you’ll find helpful insight into church insurance and

Ways to Help Pay for Your Online Church Directory

  By Kristen Greene So, you might like the idea of an online church member directory vs. a traditional printed directory, but one thing you might not like are those monthly or annual payments associated with the online directory program. Here are three easy ways to help pay for the online directory so it’s sure

A New Perspective on Church Refinancing

  By Chris Lewis I spent the first eight years of my life in Brazil as a missionary kid. One day, my dad came home with the news that we would need to move back to the states because the church that had supported him for many years was planning an expansion project. To fulfill

5 Things Every Church Giving Platform Should Provide

  By Kent Woodyard Digital giving doesn’t have to be complicated, convoluted, or otherwise intimidating. Sure, it requires a bit of research to find the right solution and a bit of legwork to implement, but – really – a successful giving solution comes down to getting a few basic things right. Any giving provider worth

Simplifying Church Expenses Through Business Prepaid Cards

  By Robyn Montoya A bustling church often has a lot of staff and volunteers working together to ensure mission trips, Vacation Bible School activities, community outreach programs and congregational services are running smoothly. It takes time, member’s spiritual gifts and, let’s face it, money to bring those efforts to fruition. With so many people

Keeping Indirect Spend in Check

  By Michael Wilson  Direct spend refers to the purchase of more costly items necessary for a business or church to operate. For a church, this could be cleaning supplies, light bulbs and lighting equipment, desks in offices and classrooms, computers and tech-equipment, new sanctuary chairs, carpet, and other items when and as needed, etc.

Capital Campaigns vs. Annual Campaigns

By Michael Erwin How will a capital campaign affect your annual budget? What good will capital improvements be if you can’t keep the doors open and the lights on? Church leaders hesitate to run a capital campaign at the same time as the annual pledge drive. They wonder whether a capital campaign will hurt annual

Using Donor Plaques for Fundraising

  This article originally appeared in the December 2006 issue. By Frances Putman Not long ago, parishioners at Our Lady of Calvary Catholic Church in Philadelphia celebrated the 50th anniversary of their church. While it was a time of celebration, it was also a time for reflection. As parishioners looked at their half-century-old church, they