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10 Ways to Secure Your Church Network

  Network security should be one of the top priorities of any church IT support team to protect the data of its members and keep its website up and running. Luckily, you don’t need years of technical training in order to keep hackers’ mitts off your data. Keep Secure Passwords Make sure you’re coming up

Saving Lives in Sacred Spaces

  How Churches Can Respond to Mass Shootings This Stop the Bleed Month In the wake of the recent tragic shooting at Lakewood Church in Texas, the need for proactive emergency preparedness in places of worship has never been more apparent. As the nation observes the month of May as Stop the Bleed Month, churches

Check-In Kiosks Are an Effective Solution for Protecting Attendants

  Although there are church congregations that have remained smaller, big churches are becoming more and more common. These facilities, sometimes called “mega-churches,” may have multiple services per day for upwards of a thousand people during each time slot. Because of this, church security has become a bigger concern, especially when it comes to children’s

Enhancing Church Security with Advanced Network Solutions

  By Patrick Chown Recently, the need for enhanced security measures in churches has become increasingly apparent. With the rise in incidents affecting places of worship around the world, it’s clear that these sacred spaces are not immune to security threats. Churches are now recognizing the importance of proactive measures to protect their congregations, staff,

The Evolution of Smart Notifications with Situational Awareness and Middleware Technology

  By Laura Hartman In the rapidly evolving landscape of religious institutions safety, ensuring the safety and security of the congregation and staff remains a paramount concern. Disruption to the solemnity of the church comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from potential threats and emergencies, such as natural disasters and security breaches, to everyday

Take a Practical Approach to Worship Center Security

  In most Western societies, religious institutions were safe havens. Today, the threat of worship center violence is commonplace. To address this threat, don’t focus on perfection; focus on practicality. A thwarted attack at a Northern Virginia church illustrates the need for a practical security approach. Last August, an armed individual drove over 30 miles

Church Takes Proactive Measures to Protect Congregants Against Gun-Related Violence

  ZeroEyes, the creators of the only AI-based gun detection video analytics platform that holds the US Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation, announced that its solution has been chosen by Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield, California, to proactively protect its congregants against gun-related threats. The FBI reports that 15.1% of hate crime incidents

Leverage Entry Control Solutions to Protect Your Church

  Thanks to increasing awareness of the importance of installing security in places of worship, many of these facilities have now invested in security technology that can help keep both their facilities and members more secure. As the threat of violence towards religious groups becomes a growing issue, facility managers for these buildings have seen

11 Ways to Create a Safe Environment for Children

  Child safety encompasses more than strict adherence to policy and procedures. It also involves creating an environment that prioritizes communication and transparency, where kids feel safe and included. Create a Supportive Atmosphere Start your time by consistently gathering together. This will help you assess the children, set the tone for yourself and your students,

Defining a Church Security/Safety/Medical Program

  By Jim McConnell Let’s talk about church security. But wait! Do we all speak the same language when it comes to the definition and scope of these two words? Why do we need to define these terms and what is the consequence of not defining them and documenting them? Here’s why: Does it line