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Simple Ways to Communicate COVID-19 Protocol

  By Brian McFadden Protecting people is important, and right now, many people and places continue to struggle with the changes in COVID-19 policy and protection. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to impact the world, there are public health rules that help limit the spread of the disease. Yet, some of the most cost-effective and

The Best Way to Make Youth Mission Trips Both Safe and Impactful

  By Shawn Yingling Youth mission trips can provide a wealth of benefits to both teen members and the community they choose to serve. However, as with any travel, mission trips bear inherent risks. While extensive planning and research is essential to any trip, there is one other key factor to ensuring a successful outreach

Four Factors to Have in Place When Reopening the Children’s Area

  The return of gathering in person is gaining speed, and it’s essential to think through what your strategy will look like when families begin to arrive after COVID-19. As we step into the new normal, some things might have changed, and it’s important to recognize the impact on families and create a positive first

Creating Healthy and Safe Spaces Through Signage and Graphics

  By David Frederick With vaccine administrations ramping up and religious organizations preparing for how they will be able to safely celebrate their spring holidays with the community, now is the right time to make sure your building is properly addressing social distancing requirements to ensure the health and safety of those who come to

Shepherding the Flock Away from Cyberattacks

  By Matt Olphin We have exited a year that has become synonymous with change, and while its end came with a brief sigh of relief, the events of 2020 will continue to challenge and change how many worship centers operate for the foreseeable future. Faith communities have been creative in their determination to worship

Safe Security with Touchless Technology

  By James Segil When we look back on 2020, we will remember it as a year characterized by two things: public health, and social & political unrest. The coronavirus pandemic not only forced us to retreat to our homes and close down our places of work and worship, but it also put public spaces

Everything You Need to Know About UVC Sterilization

  By Robert Gonzalez What is UVC light? Ultraviolet light is naturally generated by The Sun, but it can also be created artificially for a variety of purposes. There are three types of UV energy (between 10-400 nm), which are classified according to their wavelength. Short-wavelength UVC (100–280 nm) is the most active type of

Protect Your Church with a Security Team

  By Johnathan Tal Religious facility administrators – and this includes those involved with synagogues, Buddhist temples, Sikh shrines, Mosques, and other places of worship – must take steps to protect their facilities and the people who use them. Among them are the following:  Acknowledge that the situation is real. Further, this is not an

Why Access Control?

  By Andrew Joseph “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will remain secure and rest in the shadow of the Almighty [whose power no enemy can withstand]” (Psalm 91:1 AMP) Church organizations of every size can benefit from the security an access control system provides. Adding door locks and precautionary systems

What Churches Should Consider When Reopening

  By Frank Barry There are many obvious statements when it comes to this pandemic. Statements like: These are unprecedented times. Things are really weird now. What day is it again? Here’s another obvious statement specifically for church leaders: Deciding whether or not to reopen for in-person worship is a difficult choice. On one hand,