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Leverage Entry Control Solutions to Protect Your Church

  Thanks to increasing awareness of the importance of installing security in places of worship, many of these facilities have now invested in security technology that can help keep both their facilities and members more secure. As the threat of violence towards religious groups becomes a growing issue, facility managers for these buildings have seen

11 Ways to Create a Safe Environment for Children

  Child safety encompasses more than strict adherence to policy and procedures. It also involves creating an environment that prioritizes communication and transparency, where kids feel safe and included. Create a Supportive Atmosphere Start your time by consistently gathering together. This will help you assess the children, set the tone for yourself and your students,

Defining a Church Security/Safety/Medical Program

  By Jim McConnell Let’s talk about church security. But wait! Do we all speak the same language when it comes to the definition and scope of these two words? Why do we need to define these terms and what is the consequence of not defining them and documenting them? Here’s why: Does it line

Surveillance in Church: Balancing Safety and Hospitality

  By Keith Graves As Christians, we are called to love and welcome all people, but we also have a responsibility to protect our congregation from harm. The Bible reminds us in Matthew 25:35-36 that we are called to extend hospitality to those in need, including strangers, and in 1 Peter 5:8, we are warned

Creating a Church Security Plan

  By Kevin Creighton Our churches and holy places are special places that are devoted to spiritual improvement. They’re supposed to be a place of refuge from the worries of the world, where people of every tribe and tongue can find the peace they need. Too often, however, that quest for peace is shattered by

Church Safety Culture Is Important

  By Dr. James McGarvey Church safety culture refers to the processes and systems put in place to ensure that members, visitors, and staff are safe from harm. It is critical to establish an organizational culture that prioritizes safety, reinforces it at every level, and incorporates it into everyday practice. One key aspect of church

Securing the Living Church

  By Kelly Clemens I grew up in a one-story ranch, just the four of us, one bathroom and a tomcat. The sun would shine in through my window, and I would cautiously slide my foot out from under the warmth of my covers to test the temperature of the hardwood floor. Nope, too cold.

Creating a Child Check-In Process from Scratch

By Josiah Oslund When we sat down to create our child check-in process for our church plant over a decade ago, I was reminded of God’s words to Moses in Exodus 4:2, “What do you have in your hand?” When starting a new work, it’s often easier to see what you don’t have – rather

Protecting Your Church with a Security System

  When properly implemented, a church security system helps protect a church’s property, congregation and guests. Protecting your house of worship takes more than simply putting up a couple of security cameras. There are various components to security that will allow your church to protect itself. Surveillance Cameras Security cameras are not only great for

What's In Your...?

  By Terry Berringer No…this is not a credit card commercial. Instead, it’s a question to ask what is inside your AED cabinet. If “an AED” is your only answer, my response would be another TV commercial tagline: “But Wait! There’s More!” AED cabinets are usually placed in areas of prominence and are easily identified and found. But what