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Emergency Evacuation Maps and Your Church

  By Michael Sawyer Given the current cultural environment, many churches have begun to implement safety and security processes to assist members and guests. The challenges facing faith organizations have never been more evident to church leadership and attendees. Numerous churches have put in place safety teams, while others have invested in an on-campus law

How Churches Unintentionally Turn a Blind Eye to Safety

  By Craig Cable I travel all around the country leading church safety trainings for churches of all sizes and can testify that most churches are safety conscious. They perform background checks, have evacuation plans, and worry about active shooters. These are all good things. The problem is when churches hyper-focus on one threat exclusively.

AmpliVox Responds to Emergency Communication Needs & ADA Requirements

  By Don Roth, CEO, AmpliVox In good times or bad, AmpliVox has always been dedicated to satisfying near or long-term customer needs with a broad range of PA systems and presentation furniture that help people communicate more clearly, efficiently, and with more style and polish. Here are some current examples. Today’s public health emergency

The Cost of Access Control in Places of Worship

  Houses of worship and the buildings around them are meant to be safe places for members and visitors to practice their faith in worship, study and fellowship activities. These religious spaces are also often utilized by community groups when services and church-related meetings and activities are not taking place. There was a time when

The Benefits of Panoramic Surveillance in Modern Worship Centers

  By Jon Marsh When you think about the wide-open spaces that today’s modern churches and worship centers embody, you may not immediately realize the security elements that must be in place to protect the congregation. Securing entrances and exits helps with controlling access, but video surveillance technology can go a long way in providing real-time and

How Do Intelligent Key Systems Work?

  As a church, security is one of the most important issues you will address. When it comes to creating a solid security plan for your worship facility, there are plenty of important steps you can take. A comprehensive approach to security will most likely include some sort of video surveillance, alarm system, and entry

Old Testament Security with New Testament Technology

  By Kelly Clemens It’s a bustling Sunday morning as the church wakes up for another busy day. The coffee is brewing, the prayer group is meeting, and a rambunctious toddler runs down a hallway. Another group is also meeting and preparing for the day: the church security team. They get wired up with their

When Seconds Count, Are You Prepared?

  In today’s world of uncertainty and criminal acts, churches can be targeted due to the “soft” nature of most congregations. It is often said that “when seconds count, the police are minutes away,” and it is the responsibility of individual congregations to take as many steps as possible to ensure their own safety. Instant

How to Design an Effective Security Strategy

According to a report by the FBI, 6,121 hate crimes were reported in 2016, 21% of which were directed against people or institutions due to their religion. That’s more than 1,200 religious hate crimes. FBI statistics also show that religious hate crimes seem to be on the rise; in the first 4 months of 2017,

A Guide to Managing Your Church’s Volunteer Background Checks

As a church leader, you should make sure to use a church volunteer background check when screening for sensitive volunteer roles. What exactly is a background check? A background check is a screening procedure, often requested by employers or organizations that work with volunteers. The organization carrying out the background check will typically search public