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Keeping Your Church Office Staff Safe

  By Terry Berringer I visit one church when making calls that sits atop a beautifully manicured hilltop. The winding drive that ascends the hill is spectacularly well kept. The parking lot is clean and well marked. The lot is completely empty except for one lone vehicle. When I park near the sole vehicle, I

Is Safety Training Within Your Children’s Ministry Intentional?

  By Josh Cramer It’s that time again. My friends and I call it the SMS or Sunday Morning Slump. It’s that time where the other kids have started to get picked up, but I’m left to sit here…bored. And, as you know, there’s NOTHING worse than being bored. And then I hear it…my name.

Delta Variant Brings Masking Back to Forefront

  As COVID-19 rates begin to rise across the country, church leaders may be wondering what measures to bring back to keep your people safe. Understanding COVID-19 Today The COVID-19 of 2020 and the COVID-19 of 2021 are not the same. The disease continues to mutate, and now many variants are affecting different communities and

The Complexity of Church Security

  By Jim Willis For many, church security is an either/or mindset. It is either a simple, single-function activity or a complicated, bureaucratic nightmare. The reality lies somewhere between these two extremes. Granted, church security is a complex issue, but not too complex. There are three keys to unravelling church security complexity: perspective, planning, and

Ministry Teamwork, SPaM Style

  By Terry Berringer Let’s talk SPaM teams. What are SPaM teams, you may ask? SPaM stands for Security, Parking, and Medical ministry teams. Note that I said ministry, not just service…not just teams, but a ministry. Some organizations refer to these teams combined as a safety team. I see the security, parking, and medical

Is Your Daycare Center Overlooking Critical Security Measures?

  These tactics may help boost your safety. Your worship center takes security seriously, especially when it comes to its smallest members. If you have an on-site daycare, you likely have safety protocols in place: background checks for staff, childproof locks, security cameras and alarm systems. However, your center could be overlooking one crucial safety

Create a Church Security Plan for Your House of Worship

  By Rebecca Snarski With the right security measures in place, you can help ensure that your cherished building, religious items, and congregation are safe and secure. Implementing the following steps will put you on the road to creating a church safety and security plan. Step 1: Be Realistic When it comes to how to

Getting Back to “Life and Prayer” in Healthy Churches

  By Richard D. Cantwell Returning back to normal life in our churches requires an updated comprehensive cleaning/disinfection plan be adopted by churches in response to the Covid-19 virus and other related pathogens that infect children and adults. Each church’s goal should be to create a healthier/cleaner/safer environment for all church operating personnel, as well

Health-Focused Facility Updates to Keep Your Congregation Well

  COVID-19 hasn’t been easy for churches. Between holding more services, navigating online worship, and keeping up with enhanced cleaning procedures, the workload has increased for everyone. As we prayerfully begin rounding this next corner in the pandemic, there are some health-focused facility updates that you can make to keep your congregation’s wellness a priority.

Simple Ways to Communicate COVID-19 Protocol

  By Brian McFadden Protecting people is important, and right now, many people and places continue to struggle with the changes in COVID-19 policy and protection. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to impact the world, there are public health rules that help limit the spread of the disease. Yet, some of the most cost-effective and