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How to Choose Safe Playground Equipment

  By Michele Breakfield Installing a new playground is an exciting endeavor for a church! However, it can be difficult to know how to choose safe playground equipment that is right for you. If you’ve started shopping for a playground, you know by now that there are thousands of options. So, how do you know

Play for All

  By Jill Moore Author’s note: In recognition of the varying language preferences across the disability community and experience, throughout this article, I’ve used person-first language (i.e., children with disabilities) and identity-first language (i.e., disabled children) interchangeably. When children step onto a playground, they embark on more than just a journey of play. They dive

How Playtime Can Contribute to Confidence

  By Jaden White “I don’t think I can do it. It’s too tall,” my younger sister said, as her eyes were placed on the tower that was a part of the newest playground in our city. “Of course, you can! You got this,” I said, trying to calm the worries in her young mind.

Today’s Sports and Recreation Ministries

  By Kevin Cook Basketball practice for my church youth basketball team took place in one of two places for us back in the late ‘70s. The first practice location was the top of a barn. There was a door on the floor that opened so we could enter after climbing a ladder. Finger holes

Recreation Without a Building

  By Rick Mitchell Are you looking for space for recreation activities in your church? Want to build a recreation building? Have you thought about using the already existing space your church has or the space that is in the local community just waiting for you to discover and use? Utilizing existing space is a good way

4 Reasons to Add a Youth Ministry Play Area to Your Church     

  It’s no secret that getting kids involved in a church can be a challenge. In today’s world, so many things compete for their attention. That’s why having a dedicated space for them to play and have fun is so important. These are four reasons you should consider adding a youth ministry play area to

Why Add an Indoor Playground to Your Church?

  Indoor playground equipment might not seem like the obvious addition to your church, but there are several great reasons you might want to consider it. It Will Attract More Young Families Okay, we’re not going to say that indoor playscapes are the only reason young families will choose your church, but if they’re already

5 Unique Design Concepts for Your Church Playground

  By Michele Breakfield Church playgrounds bring families together in creative ways. They support a young congregation and help churches grow their communities. It’s important to thoughtfully plan your church playground, as it will be used by many different individuals and families. In fact, the right playground design might even be the reason why families

3 Tips for a Safer Playground

  How safe is your church playground? While it’s expected that kids may scrape their knee or get a few bumps playing outdoors, a poorly maintained playground can cause serious injuries. According to the CDC, more than 200,000 children visit the emergency room each year for playground-related injuries. Nearly half of these are severe. Use

Six Reasons to Run a Volleyball League

  By Eddie Becker Now, more than ever, the church has a tremendous opportunity to make an impact on teenage girls. But with all the different things capturing their attention, how can you find a voice to reach them? There’s a way to engage tween and teen girls in a fun way that makes a