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4 Reasons to Add a Youth Ministry Play Area to Your Church     

  It’s no secret that getting kids involved in a church can be a challenge. In today’s world, so many things compete for their attention. That’s why having a dedicated space for them to play and have fun is so important. These are four reasons you should consider adding a youth ministry play area to

Why Add an Indoor Playground to Your Church?

  Indoor playground equipment might not seem like the obvious addition to your church, but there are several great reasons you might want to consider it. It Will Attract More Young Families Okay, we’re not going to say that indoor playscapes are the only reason young families will choose your church, but if they’re already

5 Unique Design Concepts for Your Church Playground

  By Michele Breakfield Church playgrounds bring families together in creative ways. They support a young congregation and help churches grow their communities. It’s important to thoughtfully plan your church playground, as it will be used by many different individuals and families. In fact, the right playground design might even be the reason why families

3 Tips for a Safer Playground

  How safe is your church playground? While it’s expected that kids may scrape their knee or get a few bumps playing outdoors, a poorly maintained playground can cause serious injuries. According to the CDC, more than 200,000 children visit the emergency room each year for playground-related injuries. Nearly half of these are severe. Use

Six Reasons to Run a Volleyball League

  By Eddie Becker Now, more than ever, the church has a tremendous opportunity to make an impact on teenage girls. But with all the different things capturing their attention, how can you find a voice to reach them? There’s a way to engage tween and teen girls in a fun way that makes a

How a Recreation Center Adds Value to Your Church

  A recreation center or sports complex can be a great investment to your community or organization. For churches and other faith-based organizations, a recreation center creates more room for both your congregation and the surrounding community to have access to different activities and events throughout the year. Room for Additional Events Most churches do

Tips for Selecting the Right Playground Equipment

  Building playgrounds for children is an important job. However, it can be difficult picking out equipment that all the children will enjoy. Here are some tips for selecting the right playground equipment. Consider the Expected Age Group of Your Playground Users Before you research playground equipment, make sure that you know how old the

Playground Planning and Budgeting

  By Mark Lang You want to build a playground. Great! Now what? Let’s start from the very beginning and assess your needs and budget. The first step to a successful playground project is to assess your needs and budget.  The big question is: How much does a commercial playground cost? And, knowing that a

The Tool of Sports

  By Bob Schindler Tools. Go into any hardware store and you see lots of them. There are good tools and bad tools, depending on the job you are trying to perform. You can use a screwdriver to chisel wood, but it isn’t the best tool to do so. A good tool is an asset

Installing a Playground and Picnic Shelter Can Help Your Church Grow

  If your church is ready to grow, you should give some serious thought to having both a playground and a covered shelter installed. Not only would these amenities be good for your church to use and enjoy on their own merits, but they could also help your church to be more relevant and engaging