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LifeQuest Church Finds “Perfect” Projector to Fit Its Needs

March 6, 2024 jill Blog
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Outside of Kansas City, Missouri, is LifeQuest Church, otherwise known as the “Perfect Church for Imperfect People.”

Led by Pastor Chris Pinion, Worship & Student Pastor Tim Goulet, and Creative Pastor Jordan Mills, LifeQuest Church has created an environment that invites everyone for in-person and now live-streamed services.

Living in the digital age, the leaders of LifeQuest Church found that high-quality videos and graphics play a key role in speaking to its congregation, and they knew updating its projector technology would provide an enhanced experience for both in-person and virtual services.

Working with Shepherd Multimedia, Pastor Jordan wanted to provide the congregation with high-quality imagery to create an immersive experience.

“We want to do everything with excellence, and we want to do it right,” said Pastor Jordan. “So, when it came time for the church to upgrade its projector, we began our journey to finding a new one that wouldn’t just match what we had before but would instead enhance it.”

LifeQuest Church now utilizes three Maxell MC-WX8265 LCD projectors to create a triple-wide display at the front of the sanctuary. From immersive graphics to song lyrics, the vibrant display welcomes the congregation to join the service both in-person and at home.

Along with standard features such as Perfect Fit 2, which make lining up the three projectors easy, the MC-WX8265 LCD projector has 6,500 ANSI lumens brightness and Accentualizer technology to provide vivid imagery for virtual and in-person viewers.

“The Maxell projectors fit all our needs as a church and our price range,” Pastor Jordan noted. “In the end, the decision really came down to quality. Working with Shepherd Multimedia, we took up a special offering and cast the vision for our LifeQuesters on how updating the projectors can, and would, enhance the worship experience. We wanted to be sure that what we bought would make an immediate impact and we found the Maxell projectors would do just that.”

Prior to 2020, LifeQuest Church had been live-streaming its services as an afterthought, thinking maybe someone will see it and show up in-person.

Now, Pastor Jordan says that live-streaming the services is becoming an outreach opportunity, a way to share their message and services with those who may not otherwise experience it. Live-streaming allows those who are geographically far to join in and still feel connected to their congregation.

The new projectors, and triple wide setup, has opened creative possibilities for LifeQuest Church. Now able to project larger, clearer images and videos, the pastors and congregation have seen a noticeable difference.

“I didn’t realize that video could be this sharp and clear until we got our new Maxell projectors,” said Pastor Jordan.

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