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Church Chooses Recycled Play Structure for Community Build

December 1, 2017 jill Blog
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Based in Acworth, Georgia, Four Points Church was founded September 14, 2008. Their mission is to gain disciples and change the lives of people through spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They seek to do this through their four points: love, devotion, passion, and legacy.

The church describes its worship as God-focused, authentic, and contemporary. People around the Acworth community come together to serve and praise at this sanctuary.

Before the church built their own building, they rented space at Pickett’s Mill Elementary School. When they moved in October 2016, the church sought to bring an old element from the school setting to its new church grounds: a playground.

The Challenge

Inspired by their previous site, the church wanted to create a playground for children, families, and their local community to enjoy. It had to be durable, cost-effective, and developmentally stimulating for children.

“When we decided to build our first building, one of the first things we thought about was offering our kids a nice place to play,” said Stephen Burton, executive pastor at Four Points Church. “We wanted a playground that would last. Though it was a budget concern, it was a priority for us to have a play space for the community throughout the week and between services.”

The church wanted the best playground that would stand the test of time.

“When looking for a playground, we didn’t want to go wood and we didn’t want one from a local store. Children had to be awed by the playground and think it was cool,” Burton said.

At the time, Burton reached out to several playground companies for quotes and designs, searching for the perfect solution. He discovered Superior Recreational Products and found the playground solution that met the needs and wants of the church.

The Solution

With their specific needs, Four Points Church decided to go with Superior for their new playground needs. They chose a play environment complete with a recycled play structure for children aged 5-12, 2-bay swing set, two spinners, and wood fiber surfacing.

They chose a recycled structure over a steel structure because of its durability, affordability, impact on the environment, and ease of carrying out a community build.

Since the recycled playgrounds are more user-friendly to install than steel playgrounds, which require more expertise, doing a supervised build with a certified installer allowed them to get more play equipment while also getting the church community involved in the project.

The Implementation

Four Points Church offers age-appropriate programs for children who are infants to 5th grade students. These programs encompass faith-based lessons and games for children to enjoy. With the addition of a Superior playground, the church made an effort to further worship outside the church.

The play area has become a place for church members to congregate and spend time with their family. It’s also made the church a valued area within the Acworth community. This outdoor play environment helps advance children’s physical, cognitive, and social skills while they play.

“Every Sunday, families will bring children out for some time on the playground,” Burton said. “We even see kids playing in the play area during the week. They have a lot of fun and they love it.”

The Results

The playground immediately enhanced the site’s architectural value upon installation. The church community is very pleased with the outcome of the play area.

It’s also become a place where families can spend more quality time together.

“We’re pleased with the results of the playground,” Burton said. “What’s great is seeing kids play between services and parents hanging out and talking to each other while their kids play. It’s been great for our church community.”

Superior Recreational Products has spent nearly three decades developing and acquiring product lines that help people play, relax, and live. They design and manufacture outdoor steel, recycled, and themed playgrounds, indoor playgrounds, shelter and shade structures, and commercial site furnishings,

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