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Design Trends That Will Enhance Your Mission

July 10, 2024 jill Blog
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Times are changing rapidly, and the way Americans engage with religious institutions reflects that.

To meet these changing times, churches need to balance the traditions that define them with trends that keep them relevant. Construction projects bring these competing ideals to a head, but you don’t have to navigate these challenges alone.

In the past years, there’s been a nationwide wave of new church amenities. The goal of these changes is to reduce costs and enhance offerings in ways that enable churches to fulfill their missions.

Here are some of these new trends, along with the benefits they can bring to your church.


In-church cafes provide a gathering space for members before and after services. During events, they can provide useful food prep and storage space. In some cases, it may act as a form of community outreach. Plus, a little extra caffeine could give attendees extra energy to engage with the service!

Multi-Purpose Rooms

These large rooms can serve multiple functions, from hosting worship services to community events, meetings, classes, social gatherings, and more. By consolidating multiple activities into one room, churches can optimize their resources and reduce construction and maintenance costs. Adding retractable room dividers can give you a quick and affordable way to break this bigger room into smaller rooms as needed.


Modern technology offers ways to enhance comfort and improve the service for everyone. Integrated audio-visual systems go beyond flashy lights. They make it easier for everyone to hear and see and can also facilitate broadcasting for remote participation.

In addition, HVAC improvements and air conditioning can make the worship experience much more comfortable, especially for elders and those vulnerable to extreme temperatures.

ADA Updates

Accessibility changes are essential for many older houses of worship. These updates make getting to church easier for everyone. From stair alternatives like ramps and elevators to audio systems for the hearing impaired, these updates make everyone feel like they’re welcome. Both traditional and modern church design can accommodate these essential changes with a skilled design and construction team.


Family restrooms provide parents with a more comfortable and private space to change diapers and assist little ones. These facilities are required by code in new, larger churches. If your church is looking to renovate, adding one or a few of these could go a long way making young families feel welcomed.

Entrances and Support Spaces

It’s also important to consider the functionality and space your church offers to those who are using it. The main entrance should be clearly identifiable, so everyone knows where the front door is. This helps remove the barrier for newcomers, helping them feel more at ease and welcomed.

Additionally, porte cocheres provide cover from the elements for cars and the people exiting and entering them. This is especially valuable for people who need help getting in and out of cars, which can be made uncomfortable and even dangerous in areas that are open to rain, snow, and wind.

Lastly, having worship and support space that is big enough and flexible enough for your growing congregation is important to the functionality of your building. This includes everything from entryways to bathrooms to gathering and fellowship spaces.

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