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5 Ways to Keep Your Place of Worship Clean

July 10, 2023 jill Blog
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Places of worship are so much more than buildings, as they function as the center of tremendous times of community and connection. Thinking of a place of worship as a facility may not feel quite right.

Yet, in order for churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, and other places of worship to continue fulfilling the important role they play in people’s lives, they must be maintained and receive comprehensive cleaning and janitorial services.

Utilizing the best janitorial services available will ensure that your place of worship is safe for all members of the congregation to gather.

Professional cleaning and janitorial services will allow your place of worship to do its job and flourish, all while having a sparkling clean appearance that will have a positive impact on all who visit.

Here are five ways to keep your place of worship extra clean and safe:

Identify heavy traffic areas.

Stroll through your place of worship and make note of the places people visit most often. Estimate the number of people that use each area and the days and times that they do so. Note the surfaces that people are coming into contact with.

Compiling this information will help to formulate the proper cleaning and disinfecting steps for each area, as well as the frequency that needs to happen. If you don’t have the staff to effectively accomplish this, schedule a consultation with a professional janitorial service.

Have a floor plan.

Evaluate the current procedures for your worship center floors and consider how the cleaning and disinfecting may need to be revamped as foot traffic increases. Added foot traffic means more opportunity for slips and falls from things like wet tile from rain or snow being tracked in from outside or slick pathways leading to the entrance.

A professional cleaning service will work with you to combat common floor hazards, as well as to keep your floors looking their best.

They can handle the variegated floor surfaces that sometimes complicate worship center maintenance, because they know the characteristics of each type of flooring and the best individualized maintenance approach for each one.

Your job is to welcome your congregation and visitors into a place of worship – not to worry about cleaning! That is why professional cleaning companies exist. Their experienced professionals will customize a floor cleaning plan tailored specifically to your building’s needs. Providing a safe and clean environment for your staff and attendees is of the utmost importance to them.

Remember the importance of carpet care.

Places of worship see a significant amount of foot traffic not only for their regularly scheduled services, but for special events, such as funerals, weddings, and holiday events.

This is great for the place of worship, as it means many people are being reached; however, that heavy foot traffic can take a toll on flooring – especially carpet.

Extend the life of your carpeting for as long as possible by scheduling a consultation with a professional cleaning company to discuss your carpet cleaning needs. They can help you with a carpet maintenance program that could add up to significant savings.

Clean and disinfect public restrooms.

This bacteria-prone area gets a lot of use in any public facility and must be cleaned and disinfected accordingly. As attendance and foot traffic increase, the restrooms will require extra attention, too.

Take preventative measures by having professionals clean and disinfect the toilets, urinals, baby changing stations, trash bins, fixtures, countertops, mirrors, towel dispensers, partition walls, and doors in order to keep your attendees and community safe and healthy.

Maintain pews and seating areas.

Before 2020, plenty of people stuck to the bare minimum when it came to cleaning and maintaining pews and seating. A quick dusting here and a little furniture polish there kept the seats looking clean.

Today, additional maintenance is needed and appreciated. Make sure you have a plan for cleaning the seats in your worship facility.

While many sanctuaries discourage anyone from bringing food or beverages inside, the occasional coffee or juice box spill still occurs. Murphy’s Oil Soap or Folex are excellent products to have on hand in case of spills. For wooden pews, furniture polish should be used to wipe all surfaces at least every six months to keep them in great shape.

If you’re hesitant about how to properly care for your worship center, reach out to a professional cleaning company. They can ensure that the surfaces are cleaned and cared for to optimize their lifespan and protect parishioners.

This information is courtesy of Transcend Facility Maintenance Company, which guards against health risks to keep your facility open and operational,