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How to Keep Your Church Clean

February 8, 2023 jill Blog
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Keeping your church clean is vital to your church congregation. You want to provide a safe and healthy experience for your parishioners and guests, so having a regular cleaning schedule and plan to tackle all the cleaning projects will help provide a continuously clean church for everyone.

Just like with an office space or childcare center, you want to make sure your church spaces are disinfected and sanitized often and thoroughly. A church tends to be a high-traffic space that involves not only worship services, but childcare, group meals, weddings, funerals, and other events that can make any location dirty quickly.

There are a number of areas in a church that will require both cleaning and disinfecting or sanitizing. A list can encourage everyone to pitch in and help with the overall cleaning throughout the week.

We’ve outlined five main focus areas to help you keep your church clean:

  1. Bathrooms, Kitchens, and Daycare Areas

Your church’s restrooms, kitchens, and childcare areas will be top of your list for disinfecting and sanitizing. Not only will these areas carry germs, but they can also harbor moisture and even disease. Staying on top of these areas of your church will go a long way to preventing the spread of illness. A daily disinfecting of these locations is a must. Take care to use the disinfecting solutions properly to avoid food-borne contaminants, provide fresh bathrooms, and safe daycare spaces for your littlest church attendees.

  1. Wooden Church Pews

This type of seating will be considered a high-touch location. Church pews see a lot of use as well as coming and going of church guests. It will be important to regularly wipe the wooden pews down with a wood cleaning product that will be gentle on the surface but tough on germs.

This process will probably require a wipe down with the cleaning formula and then repeating the process with a soft dry rag to protect the wood surface. If there are cushions on the pews, a light vacuuming will take care of crumbs and debris. If they need more attention, they might need some fabric cleaner or stain remover. A fabric cleaning machine can help improve the look of cushions if they need more serious attention. 

  1. Stained Glass

This is a delicate surface to consider when it needs to be cleaned. It’s not necessary to hire a professional stained-glass cleaner, as these windows can be carefully cleaned with a mild soap and water mix. Lightly wipe the window surfaces, getting into the nooks and crannies the best you can. Unlike a full glass panel window, work in small sections and don’t rush the cleaning process. Keep the rag damp – but not soaking wet – while you wipe the surface. With another soft dry rag, lightly wipe the stained glass clean and lightly buff out any streaks.

  1. Brass

Depending on how the surface of the church brass statues, candleholders, crosses, and other church furnishings or accents looks, these types of decorations might just need a good dusting. A soft duster will do the job. If the brass shows more wear or the dusting didn’t clean it well enough, it might need some polish to help it shine again.

  1. Common Areas and Offices

Dusting, vacuuming, and trash removal once or twice a week will keep these areas looking nice. Some disinfecting on door handles, arms of chairs, and desktops can help prevent illness when done often. Consider keeping disinfecting wipes nearby to clean these spots throughout the day, as well.

This information is courtesy of Clean Method, which delivers commercial cleaning services that are effective, professional, and results-driven,