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Improve Visitor Experiences with Church Signage

May 5, 2022 jill Blog
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Depending where you live, you can find churches of all denominations on almost every corner. The church buildings of today aren’t always the quintessential chapel with a steeple anymore, either.

From worship centers in old movie theaters to churches setting up shop in former factories, how can you ensure visitors know where they can find solace in their religion? How do you show your congregation how to get around inside if it’s not the typical church layout? The short answer is signage. And now for the long answer…

Logo Signage

While you don’t typically think of a church having a logo, the name alone can be the logo. Logo signs don’t have to be neon or illuminated. They can be fabricated out of various materials, like stone, acrylic, metal, wood, vinyl, and more.

Suppose your church is currently in a temporary location while remodeling is completed or even waiting for a new building to be built. In that case, the logo signage can be on temporary banners. Having signage with the church’s name where all passersby can see it will easily help your congregation and visitors find it.

Wayfinding Signage

One of the most essential types of signage for a church, or any business, would be wayfinding (or directional) signage. You want everyone to get around without issue, whether they’re new or a long-time congregant.

Wayfinding signage is beneficial for the elderly and in larger buildings or church campuses. Directional signs pointing toward the bathrooms or classrooms for each age group can make visiting a new church less stressful for potential newcomers.

Vinyl Wall Graphics

There tend to be a lot of blank walls throughout the church building. There is an abundance of blank canvases in the classrooms and hallways. You could put Bible verses on the walls with custom vinyl graphics or create something fun and whimsical for the nursery.

Vinyl wall graphics are also an excellent alternative for wayfinding signage. They are a cost-effective option that can be installed quickly and don’t cause damage when removed like traditional permanent signage.

Window Graphics

As mentioned above, not all churches will look the same. Some will have stained glass, and others may have plain glass windows that could benefit from custom window graphics. A church could use window graphics in a few different ways, from posting times of worship and contact information to décor. If the classrooms inside have windows or doors with windows, graphics can be used for room identification and privacy.

Portable Signage

Churches often hold special events for their congregation or the community. Portable banners and displays can easily be transported and set up to ensure visibility no matter where the event is located.

Additionally, portable signage can direct the congregation to the right place if the church is ever closed due to repairs or if a church is looking for a temporary worship space for their new location to be built.

Signage for the church can be highly beneficial for visibility in several ways. Aesthetics are always important, so the priority is to develop a design that catches the eye and aligns with your church’s vision and mission.

A customized combination of all the signage mentioned above can tie everything together. Not all churches will need portable signage or window graphics, but others will. The right signage depends on the individual needs of each church and can help create a positive experience for all who attend.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the look of your church’s hallowed walls, inside and out, signage is the answer. Just think of it as a way to enhance the message told every time the pastor steps up to the pulpit.

This article is courtesy of 12-Point SignWorks, a custom experiential branding and vehicle advertising graphics company in Franklin, Tennessee,