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Moveable Walls Add Flexibility to Your Space

February 8, 2021 jill Blog
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Operable partitions transform interior space requirements to meet current and future demands. They increase revenue potential by allowing a room size to be tailored to each event.

This flexibility means that a large meeting room can be transformed into several small rooms with minimal set-up time, thus maximizing space utilization.

Partitions provide sound control through a wide range of acoustic ratings without fixed wall constraints. Operable partitions allow for more efficient use of floor space and personnel.

Operable and movable partition walls are cost-effective ways to optimally utilize spaces within schools, community centers, churches and more. Choosing the right partitions and movable walls for your space is as important as thoroughly maintaining them over the usable life of the product, too.

What are the different kinds of operable/moveable partition walls available?

Movable glass walls, operable partitions and accordion doors are used to help architects, interior designers, building owners, and so many others realize more efficient use of their space.

Movable Glass Walls are an excellent choice for elegant design and finish options. Glass wall systems can welcome natural light as a warm addition to your design plan. For those looking to create a unique look, frameless glass is a clear choice.

Operable Partitions are one of the most versatile ways to transform the size of your room in a matter of moments. Control sound between areas, create a more efficient use of space and bump your commercial space revenue quickly and affordably.

Accordion Doors deliver moderate sound control and excellent functionality. A pleasing appearance, quick sight & sound division and simple pull-and-latch operation make them a preferred choice for a number of different applications. Curved track configurations allow the partition to move around corners for even greater design flexibility and storage.

How customizable are partition walls?

Operable/moveable partition walls can be customized in terms to accommodate flexible stack configurations, designer finish options, and vision requirements.

There are a wide variety of finish options available – ranging from traditional vinyl, carpet, or fabric, to high end veneers, laminates, glass, and metals.

You can also customize the partitions to be a combination of solid and glass panels, depending on your sight and acoustic requirements.

Moveable partition walls can be meticulously fully customized to aesthetically blend with their surroundings (or alternatively, have their own stand-out design elements).

Whether you need to create quiet spaces within larger ones, or to add acoustic elements to an existing space, the variety of movable wall partitions available can fit nearly every unique need.

This information is courtesy of Southeastern Surfaces & Equipment, an exclusive Modernfold distributor partner for operable/moveable walls. They also offer athletic/gymnasium flooring, athletic equipment, spectator seating, and more,