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Why a Church Sign Is a Great Investment

May 11, 2023 jill Blog
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By Richard James

Have you ever thought about your church sign condition sitting right outside your church? The church is much more than a beautiful place where people come to pray. It’s a community of spiritually free people connected through God.

However, not everyone who practices goes to church, and this isn’t simply because they don’t get the time. In many cases, people new to a neighborhood don’t even know where it is.

You want more people to join the community and that’s understandable. After all, you’re sharing the message of love, peace, and morals.

If you’re struggling with attracting enough people, rest assured, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your church. Nor that there aren’t many religious people left behind.

The problem at hand can very well be marketing. Every organization in the modern century needs to market itself. While you can rely on word of mouth, it isn’t enough.

The world might be going virtual, but going to church and attending sermons is still something people prefer to do by driving to it.

So, then why not invest in an eye-catching church sign that lets people know where you’re located? You might be surprised to know that a significant number of people are forced to forgo attendance because they’re not great with directions or keeping up with updates.

Just as faith helps you lead a better life, a church marquee sign can assist your people in finding their way to one.

When people are driving on the road, they aren’t just paying attention to the wheel. For many, getting in the car to venture outside is a moment of relief where they think about all the important things in life.

And even the most subtle of signs can change their life. Everybody is looking for something to believe in, even those who have been disconnected from religion their whole life.

With the right church signs, you can bring another soul closer to God. You never know when a person may decide to turn, and there’s no saying that it can’t be when they’re on the road.

Choose the Right Company

While there are various church sign sellers on the market, you should opt for one that considers your needs. Perhaps you have a unique message you want to send to the people or a tight budget that’s stopping you from going all out.

Needless to say, an attractive church sign can be the determining factor for the number of people that might join. No matter how religious, modern individuals are very picky about the organizations they affiliate with, which is why you shouldn’t spare any effort.

A church marquee sign can definitely contribute to positive decisions made by community members contemplating whether to become a part of your religious organization or not.

Community Outreach with Digital Church Signs

Community outreach can be better achieved with digital church signs right outside your church doors. Churches today are challenged with more effective outreach tools and marketing methods to attract new visitors and share their messages.

Whether your message is one of comfort and healing or Bible study and getting the community more educated on your religious beliefs, a digital church sign is the answer.

As churches go more digital and integrate digital signs into their outreach tool bag, the message is much more vibrant and clear. The technological age is upon us, and church marketing is embracing these technologies to help spread the word of God.

Creating the right message for your community outreach campaign can be difficult. Digital church signs, depending on the size and distance from the audience, have a limited amount of space to fit your message. It helps to break your message into simple slides that coincide and create a larger message.

My advice that has worked for all of our clients is to be pithy with your messages. By pithy, we mean direct and condensed or more appropriately brief.

Think of this as a slogan that fits easily on to the digital church sign and catches the attention of the reader. Some examples of one-liners are “Jesus Satisfies,” ‘God Listens” and “Forgiveness is Available.”

These are quick and easy messages that fit on the digital church sign, and then you can follow with services times, Bible studies and events that coincide with your message.

Richard James has worked in the national LED sign industry since 2006 with most of his concentration on back-office information systems and marketing. As vice president of a major national sign company for over six years, Richard built a powerhouse sign company focused on superior service and products. In 2015, Richard was named partner and vice president of Sign-Express, where they provide the same great services and signage solutions nationwide,