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Why Add an Indoor Playground to Your Church?

October 10, 2022 jill Blog
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Indoor playground equipment might not seem like the obvious addition to your church, but there are several great reasons you might want to consider it.

  1. It Will Attract More Young Families

Okay, we’re not going to say that indoor playscapes are the only reason young families will choose your church, but if they’re already looking for a church like yours, it might tip the balance.

Young families that move into your area might be looking for a church that fits their lifestyle and needs, and having indoor play centers might not have occurred to them, but will certainly be a big draw!

  1. And Keep Them After Church

If you’re struggling to keep young families at your church for after church activities, indoor playscapes might change all of that! Instead of racing away to keep their kids from being bored, when moms and dads have a safe, accessible place to entertain their children, they’re more likely to stay for events. That helps to build a sense of community and will make your congregation a closer-knit unit.

  1. Great During Events

Whether it’s a wedding or a bake sale, there’s no denying that kids can’t sit still for a very long time. Adding an indoor playscape to your church (and making it a soundproof facility that’s monitored by responsible adults) gives families somewhere safe to let their kids play during longer events. We all know kids aren’t going to sit still no matter how much we want them to – so why not create an alternative that works for everyone?

  1. Attract Sunday School and Youth Participation

Some kids don’t relish the idea of getting up early to attend Sunday school or youth groups just for the sake of attending. However, when their day starts (and ends) with play time at indoor play centers with their friends, they’re likely to have a very different view of their Sunday mornings!

  1. Help Kids Stay Healthy

These days, kids spend more time on the couch with their devices than they do outdoors. That’s not great for their health. Indoor play centers are a great way for kids to stay fitter, healthier and more active all year round. Many kids don’t have easy access to indoor playground equipment close to their homes, so adding it to your church could be a service you offer your community.

  1. Great for Day Care Facilities

Many churches offer day care facilities, either their own or through a third-party provider. If your church has indoor playground equipment, it will be better equipped for the kids who attend that program. If you’re renting space to a third party, you might also be able to make more money from rent for the space, which can add to your church fundraising activities.

  1. Help Build Healthy Relationships Between Kids

Another side effect of our indoor, tech-obsessed lifestyles is that kids don’t interact with each other the way they used to. This means they might not have the relationships they once did – especially now when many in-person activities have been curtailed for months or longer. Being able to play with other kids helps kids to build stronger social relationships, and that equips them better to be well adjusted grownups.

  1. A Safe Place to Play

Whether it’s the risk of extreme weather or stranger danger, there are a lot of reasons outdoor playgrounds might not be the best place for kids to spend time. There are also stray dogs to worry about, and some outdoor play spaces don’t have toilet facilities, which can complicate things for families. Indoor play centers give families a place where their kids can play safely, and where they can have complete control over who uses the facilities and what happens there.

  1. Create a Family-Friendly Space

Many churches these days are more than just places of worship. They’re part of the community. They host events and are a gathering place for families.

Adding indoor playground equipment is a great way to add another dimension to the gathering-friendly facilities you already have. You might, for instance, have an outdoor fire pit or a barbecue that families can use. Maybe there are already picnic tables or fold-up tables in your storeroom that you take out for potlucks and other events.

With somewhere for kids to hang out and have fun, your church will be the go-to destination for any event.

  1. Raise Funds by Renting the Space

Families in your area are probably looking for places to host birthday parties and similar events all the time. You could rent out your indoor playscape for less than local indoor play centers charge, and still make a little extra money to put into your church budget. It’s also great for school groups that are looking for somewhere kid-friendly to host an event.

  1. Help Local Children’s Charities

There are many kids out there who don’t have access to indoor playground equipment at all. Whether they’re foster homes or children’s charities, giving them access to playground equipment in churches lets kids who might not have the easiest life something to look forward to.

  1. Create Memories

The kids who attend your church today will one day be adults that will be looking for a church of their own. If your indoor playground equipment helps them to create happy memories of your church, they’ll be more likely to choose your church when they grow up. They might even look forward to introducing their own kids to the place they spent so much happy time!

  1. Active Learning

Many kids struggle to sit still during Bible study or Sunday School. Having playground equipment in churches gives youth and Sunday school leaders a great place to build some physical play into their lessons. Kids can act out scenes from the Bible or play other games, and if your equipment also happens to have biblical themes, so much the better!

This information is courtesy of Indoor Playgrounds International, your go-to provider of indoor play structures and all things fun,