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Church Steeple and Cupola Considerations

February 14, 2008 jill Blog
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This article originally appeared in the February 2008 issue.

This information is courtesy of Bowling United Industries,

Does your church building have the majestic and dignified appearance a church should have? Or is it plain and unassuming? The transformation from plain to impressive can be easy with a fiberglass steeple. A beautiful steeple reaching skyward identifies your church as the Lord’s house.

When evaluating steeples manufacturers, you should look for those that provide:

* Superior workmanship

* Elegant design

* Exceptional quality

* Distinctive detailing

Skillfully wrought from laminated fiberglass, fiberglass steeples offer:

* Rigid construction

* Exceptional durability

* Manageable weight

Manufacturers also offer custom fabrication in addition to the standard sizes and designs of their fiberglass steeples.

Fiberglass steeples can be mounted directly to the roof or can be adapted to fit an existing tower. The installation of fiberglass steeples is considerably faster, easier and more economical when compared to steeples constructed of other materials. All colors are molded in during the manufacturing process of the fiberglass steeples, which provides a beautiful maintenance-free finish. It will not stain the roof or tower even after years of weathering.

Throughout the years, fiberglass steeples have become a fast-growing industry with a limitless amount of architectural applications for today’s institutions and churches. Improved fiberglass molding techniques along with technological advances allow for fine detail, superb craftsmanship, new finishes and beautiful designs, which can make fiberglass steeples nearly indistinguishable from the old European steeples of the past. These innovations come together to complement your church steeple.

Fiberglass steeples go from the simplest to the most intricate sizes and designs. These fiberglass steeples produce a real look of design and elegance that will last for years to come. To provide the church the flexibility of matching decor and sizes, fiberglass steeples are offered for any church style or architectural design.

To determine the pitch of the roof for your fiberglass steeple, place a level against the roof. From the point where the level touches the roof, you should then measure out 12 inches. From this point, measure the distance, in inches, down to the roof. This number will be the first number in the roof pitch. The second number will always be 12.

You can also improve the appearance of your church by adding a fiberglass cupola, which are available in distinctive styles, designs and colors. Cupolas are finely crafted for enduring quality and a timeless tradition. Every cupola adds beauty to your institution, and a first impression is made on day one. All cupolas are not created equal. Fiberglass cupolas open up a whole new world of durability, serviceability, classic designs and styles.

When you consider the array of contemporary, traditional, colonial and classic designs that are available in cupolas, there’s hardly a building that fiberglass cupolas can’t make more attractive.

Fiberglass cupolas can be mounted directly to the roof, or they can be adapted to fit an existing tower. Fiberglass cupolas have rigid construction, exceptional durability and manageable weight. All colors are molded in during the manufacturing process and provide a beautiful maintenance-free finish that will not stain the roof or tower even after years of weathering. The beautiful porcelain-like finishes are not affected by extreme temperatures and are fully weatherproof.

Manufacturers can design and fabricate your fiberglass cupola in a wide variety of styles and finishes to give your project that special detail to remove it from the ordinary to the exception. They can provide designs with aesthetic and performance characteristics that are tailored to the most demanding applications. Excellent physical properties and molding capabilities make fiberglass especially suitable to exterior architectural ornamentation.

New fiberglass cupolas can replace existing metal or wood cupolas. Cupolas can be manufactured to fit most any size building or design requirements. These lightweight cupolas do not require extra structural support. Fiberglass cupolas are radio frequency transparent and, at times, are chosen to house cellular antennas within the cupola. Manufacturers can combine the traditional manufacturing processes with modern state-of-the-art technologies and expert craftsmanship to create top-quality fiberglass cupolas.

Remember, not all fiberglass steeples and cupolas are created equal. Be an informed buyer. Don’t settle for less. Demand the best.