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Extend Your Voice with Portable Sound Systems

December 1, 2017 jill Blog
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By Don Roth

The ability to hear well is central to most day-to-day activities in any church, from the sanctuary to the classroom to the fellowship hall. Groups large and small are able to participate more fully when sound is amplified to all corners of the room.

Fortunately, this vital enhancement is easy to achieve in any church setting thanks to a new generation of portable, easy-to-use sound systems.

Manufacturers like AmpliVox now offer a wide array top-quality portable sound technology options, from small tabletop units to powerful all-in-one PA systems.

Many of these versatile systems feature easy mobility, compact design, wireless microphones, and extended-life rechargeable batteries to run for hours anywhere.

They also enhance lecterns and pulpits that lack built-in sound systems, expanding the décor options available for sanctuaries and chapels in terms of both style and budget.

Providing Sufficient Sound for Large Spaces

For sanctuaries, large halls, and outdoor events, choose an all-in-one PA system to deliver clear sound to everyone in attendance.

The AmpliVox Digital Audio Travel Partner Plus, for example, can cover crowds up to 7,500 people in rooms up to 25,000 square feet, all from an enclosed single unit with a luggage-style handle.

It also offers Bluetooth streaming capability to add music to any presentation directly from a smartphone or tablet, or the option to play recorded music from an SD card or thumb drive via the built-in Media Player. A Voice Priority switch allows for easy transitions between music and speech.

To maximize comfort and convenience, pair a portable PA with wireless microphones. Many top-quality PAs from AmpliVox can support multiple microphones at once, allowing for seamless services and events with multiple presenters.

Expand this versatility with add-on receiver units that control multiple mics without interference, like the AmpliVox S9190 Quad Wireless Mic Receiver.

Taking It Outside

Portable sound systems are especially useful for outdoor events. Long-life rechargeable batteries, heavy duty wheels, and durable protective cases are all essential when a unit will be put into service in tents or other outdoor settings.

AmpliVox offers an exclusive battery life indicator light on its PA systems to keep users aware of their available power.

Tripod stands raise the units over the heads of the audience, increasing the range of sound and ensuring the comfort of listeners. Make sure tripods are stable and secure in breezy conditions.

The versatility of portable sound systems adds flexibility to furniture options for sanctuaries and other church spaces.

Elegant lecterns in acrylic, metal, and other materials present a clean, uncluttered appearance with no obtrusive wires from a built-in sound system.

These lecterns also cost less than wired versions, and can often be moved from room to room.

AmpliVox offers an extensive selection of contemporary-style lecterns that bring a distinctive polish to sanctuaries and other church spaces.

Portable sound systems complement these lecterns and stay out of sight, out of mind.

In short, portable sound systems are a cost-effective investment that enhances almost all the activities that take place in your congregation’s worship, education, and social settings.

They open new opportunities for décor and programming, expanding your outreach in ways that are only limited by your imagination.

Choosing the right system for your needs delivers long-term benefits, ensuring that your messages are heard loud and clear whatever the occasion.

Don Roth is CEO of AmpliVox Sound Systems in Northbrook, Illinois. AmpliVox designs, manufactures, and sells top-quality portable PAs, megaphones, lecterns, and office furniture options. Learn more at