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Indoor Sports Flooring 101

  The path to choosing the right sports surface can be overwhelming because there are so many factors to consider and weigh. The most important question is to ask is, “For what purposes will the floor be used?” Facilities must strike a delicate balance between the variety of uses. Evaluate each flooring option with the

Why Does Church Flooring Matter?

  In the last few years, the design of churches has become an influential trend that has had an enormous effect on worshippers. Increasingly, churches have employed this modern and updated decoration strategy to attract a range of audiences. Among the design and decoration styles, the settings of church flooring are also essential. That is

Multipurpose Flooring for Churches

  By Andrew Crawford Places of worship serve not only as the focal gathering point for the congregation to worship, but also double as community centers, food banks, emergency shelters, and so much more when needed. Some busier places of worship in larger towns are open seven days a week, with a wide array of

Now Is the Time to Overhaul Your Floor Cleaning Protocol

  The current pandemic has facilities managers everywhere rethinking business as usual. One dirty little secret that’s been exposed? Before COVID-19, many of us weren’t giving our floors nearly enough attention. As Derryl Yeager, founder and artistic director of Odyssey Dance Theatre in Draper, Utah, says, “A lot of times, the floor wouldn’t be deep-cleaned

Planning an Indoor Playground

  When you decide to create an indoor playground, you may be thrilled and ready to jump right into the process. It’s also perfectly normal to have a lot of questions. Questions are actually a great sign. They show you’re taking this investment seriously and planning ahead to create the best possible play space for

Carpet: A Traditional and Versatile Flooring Option

  Flooring will be one of the most important finishes in your new church building. Modern manufacturing processes have produced some great new options, but that doesn’t mean you should pass by one of the most traditional and (especially recently) versatile flooring options: carpet. Advantages of Carpet Put simply, carpet is quieter and more affordable

10 Considerations for Designing Multipurpose Rooms

  This article originally appeared in the November 2011 issue. By Eric MacInerney, AIA Eric MacInerney is managing partner with Heimsath Architects, Cafetorium. Sanctatorium. Sanctunasium. Family Life Center. Multipurpose spaces of all types are very common elements in church design. And, why not? They make great first-phase buildings, they allow you to fundraise from

Foot Traffic: How to Choose Flooring for Your Church Construction Project

When deciding on flooring choices for your overall church design, there are a variety of elements to consider in order to make the best overall long-term choices for your church construction project. While planning your church design, consider not only the overall look, but also the volume of foot traffic in each major space in

Why Luxury Vinyl Should Be Your Choice for Church Flooring

Designing a religious institution, whether it’s the construction of a new church or renovation of an existing facility, requires a delicate and poignant approach — one that pays tribute to the authenticity and history of the space, but is also mindful of the events and activities that take place within these religious environments. The most

Choosing Classroom Flooring

    This article originally appeared in the September 2006 issue. By Gary Nicholson Gary Nicholson is an architect and the director of Church Architecture at LifeWay Christian Resources, What’s the best floor to use in your church classrooms for children? Carpet or tile? This question has been around for many years. Some people
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