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The Power of Video Content Delivery

  The broadening impact of digital video across the world is only accelerating, with religious, spiritual, and faith-based communities benefiting enormously from the reach and value of video engagement. Research reveals that demand for religious video content is growing quickly, with about a quarter of U.S. adults regularly streaming content to enrich or substitute for

Stage Lighting for Smaller Venues

  The transformative power of dynamic lighting is not just reserved for grand theaters. Smaller spaces like the community church or multi-purpose room also have the potential to radiate dramatic lighting, rivaling even the most extravagant houses of worship. But achieving this transformative effect requires more than just hanging a few lights; it demands meticulous

6 Essential Worship Microphones and How They’re Used

  One question that we get every day is, “What type of mic should I use for ____?” There are so many loaded opinions about this, not to mention an overwhelming amount of options from which to choose. The type of microphone that you use in a worship environment matters. Using the wrong microphone can

Two Roads to Live Streaming Your Church Services

  To stream or not to stream? That is the question. The answer is quite simple…STREAM! In the current world in which we live, how can you not? For houses of worship, dipping your toes into the world of live streaming need be neither expensive, nor convoluted. Contrary to widely held belief, streaming your sermons

Texas Church Gets Full Audio Makeover

  Founded in 1986, Westover Hills Church in San Antonio has grown to become one of the area’s largest congregations, offering multiple services, social groups, and community services on its ever-growing campus. The church’s 2200-seat worship center first opened its doors in 2014, and while the congregation hasn’t outgrown it yet, after a decade of

Streaming and the Church

  The integration of streaming services into church operations has profoundly transformed the landscape of church attendance, reshaping the way worship is conducted and experienced. As streaming technology becomes increasingly prevalent, its impact on physical church attendance has become a focal point of both opportunity and concern among the church. Impact on Traditional Church Attendance

Exploring Innovative Digital Display Options for Houses of Worship

  In today’s landscape, houses of worship are increasingly leveraging advanced display technologies to expand their reach and streamline operations. From audio amplification systems to online platforms for remote worship, religious institutions have embraced various tools to effectively communicate messages to congregants. The integration of display technologies not only adds a sense of freshness but

Elevating the Visual Experience

  Grace Community Church in Southern California has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the 1950s. What started out as “two small buildings and a chicken coop” in 1956 has expanded to a multi-building campus that now meets the spiritual needs of thousands of weekly congregants. Today, the non-denominational, evangelical megachurch comprises

Intercoms for Seamless Communication at Louisiana Church

  A multi-site church with campuses in West Monroe, Ruston, and Sterlington, Louisiana,  Christ Church has grown to become a leading house of worship in Louisiana. With roughly 2,000 congregants in attendance weekly at its main location in West Monroe, Christ Church takes pride in its ability to produce quality services to its mass audience,

7 Ways to Use Portable Staging and Risers to Impact Worship

  Churches are not just places of worship; they are vibrant community hubs where every event, ceremony, and gathering holds significance. Portable staging and risers enhance these experiences, offering versatile, dynamic solutions that cater to various needs. Add Space for Worshipers Including modular stages in church settings ingeniously expands the available space, accommodating more worshipers