Clear the Sound Pollution

  Are you tired of struggling with poor quality of sound during your worship services? Do you find it challenging to achieve clarity and even coverage in your audio system? Sound pollution is a common issue that plagues worship spaces. Destructive reflections and collisions of sound within the room can significantly degrade intelligibility, making it

Gloria de Cristo Lutheran Church Shines Brighter

  In sunny Yuma, Arizona, Gloria de Cristo Lutheran Church serves as a second home for many, whether they’re able to physically be inside the beautiful interior or not. With a congregation size ranging from 50 to several hundred, coupled with an outdated AV system, church staff knew they needed an AV setup capable of

How to Plan and Build Your Sound Booth

  The days when churches relied on their building’s acoustics are over. Nowadays, churches must have sound systems, microphones, amplifiers, and other modern technology. This means that a modern church needs a sound booth so that sound techs can ensure that everyone in the congregation can appreciate the music, clearly hear the sermon, and enjoy

LifeQuest Church Finds “Perfect” Projector to Fit Its Needs

  Outside of Kansas City, Missouri, is LifeQuest Church, otherwise known as the “Perfect Church for Imperfect People.” Led by Pastor Chris Pinion, Worship & Student Pastor Tim Goulet, and Creative Pastor Jordan Mills, LifeQuest Church has created an environment that invites everyone for in-person and now live-streamed services. Living in the digital age, the

Are You Ready for a Lighting Upgrade?

  By Arlie Conner There are many churches, auditoriums and meeting rooms built in the last century that are overdue for a lighting system upgrade. The era of incandescent (tungsten-halogen) dominance is at an end, as LED light sources have proven reliable and affordable and offer multiple advantages. If your incandescent fixtures look okay, but

Optimizing Your Church Presentation for Visitors

  By Brandon Hadley Seeing your church through the eyes of a first-time visitor is an important discipline. It enables you to ask valuable questions like: Does this make sense to someone new? Does this practice serve attendees at the expense of visitors? How can this element be improved in order to make them feel

Heavenly Results for Church Live Streaming Upgrade

  When Christ Church of Short Hills, New Jersey, was looking to upgrade its streaming capabilities, to deliver quality live streaming and recorded broadcasts, it enlisted the services of JD Sound & Video. JD Sound and Video provides state-of-the-art sound, video and control solutions for houses of worship, schools, theaters, corporate, government and municipal clients.

Immersive Audio for Worship Spaces

  You’ve probably heard the term “immersive audio” in relation to elaborate stage productions or large-scale venues like the Las Vegas Sphere. However, this technology is not just for artistic purposes or limited to exclusive venues. Immersive audio is scalable, accessible, and useful to venues of all types. Let’s look at immersive audio and how

Church Elevates Worship Experience and Unveils New Facility

  One Church Home in Fairview, Tennessee, has unveiled a new state-of-the-art facility with enhanced audio, video, lighting, and acoustics, marking a significant upgrade in their worship experience. Integrated Production Solutions (IPS) completed the installation of the new-build project, focusing on the main auditorium and video control room. One Church Home sought a reliable partner

Overcoming Acoustic Challenges

  In houses of worship, audio clarity is essential for community and connection. To engage with the message, the congregation must hear both speech and music clearly. However, worship environments often face unique acoustic challenges due to design considerations of the buildings themselves. Many sanctuaries are designed to impart a sense of awe, with high

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