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How to Have a More Intentional Mission Trip

  By Doug Franklin Your mission trip has the potential to be a great and impactful experience for the community you’ll serve and for your students. But there may be a disconnect between your goals for your trip and your students’ expectations. While you (and your students’ parents) may be excited for students to learn

8 Ways Your Church Can Gain Momentum This Summer

  The school year is nearly over, and, for many families, it’s time to take a break, sleep in, and enjoy a slower pace of life. But for churches, summer is a busy time. Children and student camps are around the corner. Vacation Bible Schools (or other summer programs) are being planned. You have volunteers

Ready for Better Communication at Church?

  By Margaret Marcuson Historically, churches have always struggled with communication. Whether it’s trying to let people know about new programs, or recruiting coordinating volunteers, or communicating the vision—we face a long list of communication challenges. Pastors I coach say, “We need a communications committee that works,” or “We’ve got to get someone on staff

The Next Level in Church Engagement with Custom Apps

  Faith and technology may seem worlds apart, but in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, they’re coming together in powerful ways. The church, a timeless institution, is now leveraging modern technology to foster divine connections and strengthen its outreach. The tool leading this revolution? Custom mobile apps for churches. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve

Electrifying Church Transportation

  One such option of church transportation vehicles is electrifying. Electric vehicles (EV), or battery-electric vehicles (BEV), in the commercial bus and van industry are on the rise and the wave of the future. Battery-electric transit vehicles are moving toward widespread industry adoption, with major cities making commitments to zero-emission transportation. From tractor trailers to

Active vs. Passive Inclusive Play

  It is important to consider how children of all abilities can engage in truly meaningful and memorable play experiences in every aspect of the environment. These spaces should be crafted to encourage participation and socialization between children with and without disabilities by offering opportunities that address their physical, social-emotional, cognitive, sensory, or communication needs.

7 Benefits of a Child Check-In System

  What is a check-in system for a church? It’s a tool that simplifies, organizes, and secures children’s ministry operations. It enhances your ministry in several ways, from safety measures to attendance tracking to communication. No matter the size of your church, your children’s ministry needs a child check-in system. Here are the biggest benefits

Short-Term Bookings: How to Successfully Execute the Industry’s Latest Trend

  Historically, we have seen retreats and conferences booking anywhere from 12 to 18 months out. However, recently that trend has shifted, and many events are being booked much closer to date…as little as 3-5 months out for mid-size retreats! We believe this shift is likely due to the economic climate and a planner’s fear

When Are Short-Term Mission Trips Most Effective?

  By Gord Nickerson When it comes to joining God in His global mission of making disciples who make disciples, instead of promoting the idea of cancelling your short-term mission trips, we should encourage church leaders to prayerfully and carefully plan and engage in more short-term mission trips and experiences that benefit everyone involved. What

Measuring VBS Success

  By Amanda Lewis I love to hear stories of the wonderful things that happen during VBS. Unfortunately, there are also stories of things not so wonderful. After VBS, reviewing what worked, what did not, how God moved, where Satan was present, and much more is a key step to recognizing godly success. It is
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