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3 Ways to Build Community with Your Church’s Live Stream

August 6, 2020 jill Blog
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What if people who came to your live stream service felt like they were a part of it? Felt connected?

From that live stream connection, you could build an online church community that engages all week long. The foundation for that is making your live stream service feel more like an in-person service.

Here’s how to upgrade your church live stream into an extension of your in-person gathering and start cultivating that vital church community.

  1. Create a sense of belonging.

There’s something special about walking into a church and feeling like you belong. But how can you recreate that warm, welcoming feeling on live stream?

It may be simpler than you think! A little effort goes a long way.

* Designate live stream service hosts to greet and chat with attendees, as you would for in-person services.

* Talk directly to live stream viewers occasionally, starting with a special welcome.

* Include all service elements (slides, fellowship, giving, etc.) in your live stream.

* Create digital bulletins viewers can easily download to see announcements, Bible readings, service times, etc.

  1. Enable growth.

So, you’ve created a great live stream experience. Don’t let it go to waste! Plan pathways for people to get involved and build relationships.

Start with these two: digital connection cards and prayer cards. Since these only take a minute to complete, you’ll find many viewers won’t hesitate.

* Connection cards give you a way to keep in touch.

* Prayer cards give you the opportunity to lift viewers up to the Lord and show your continued care through checking back for updates.

* If you’re not sure how to create connection or prayer cards, you can always use something like Google Forms or Typeform to make one, then put the link into a live stream comment. Something like this: “Hi there! We’re so glad you joined us today. If you’re new here, could you tell us a little bit about you? [Insert link.] We’d love to send you a welcome gift.”

Next, create online Bible studies or small groups. You can start simply—with short video devotionals or virtual prayer time, for example. The most important thing is that you start!

Delegate as much as you can to lay leaders so members feel connected with more people in your church and all the responsibility doesn’t fall on your already full plate.

  1. Encourage care.

Some live stream attendees feel tempted to sit back and watch. Others want to be more involved, but they’re not sure how.

You can motivate them to have a part.

Invite them to be live stream champions by greeting viewers and building relationships. Ask them to be part of a team that prays throughout your service for those attending and serving.

Live streamed services are a crucial tool for today’s evangelistic church. With smart use of this technology, you have an incredible opportunity to reach others, grow digital discipleship, and build a healthy church live stream community.

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