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Alcons Supplies Power and Clarity to Expanded Hope Church

December 12, 2022 jill Blog
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AVLS enables a clear and dynamic worship with Dutch pro-ribbons.

Created in 2015 by the merger of two churches, worship at South Carolina’s Hope Church ranges from high energy music to spoken word sermons.

A recent enlargement of its Simpsonville campus provided the opportunity to upgrade its audio system. An Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system provided the perfect blend of power and clarity.

The expansion of the single-story Simpsonville building enlarged the room’s depth by around 70 feet (21.5m) and added gallery seating at the back, providing a total of 700 seats.

The existing audio system was not adequate to cover the newly enlarged space with high-quality sound for all styles of worship, so the church contacted AVL Solutions (AVLS), based in nearby Greenville, for help.

“A challenge for the sound design was the pitched roof, which ranges from 15 feet (4.5m) at the sides to more than 18 feet (5.5m) in the center,” says Chris Craine, AVLS designer/director of sales. “We discussed the benefits of Alcons’ pro-ribbon audio technology with the client, and, having worked with them before, they were happy to trust our recommendation.”

AVLS installed an Alcons pro-ribbon system comprising L-C-R arrays of two single 12” RR12 point-source array modules at each side and four in the center to provide the congregation with a full stereo image.

Three horizontally mounted VR12 mid-size 12” versatile monitors were suspended from the building’s main overhead beam to cover the new gallery seating, with three SR9 ultra-compact double 5” in-fill monitor for altar lip fills.

The church’s existing subwoofers were tied into the Alcons system, with Sentinel10 (4x2500w) and Sentinel3 (4x750w) amplified loudspeaker controllers installed for power and system management.

“This was the first time we had installed RR12s, and the deployment was extremely easy. We simulated the system through EASE, and it performed exactly as expected,” says Craine.

Trey Moran, church technical advisor, adds, “We considered both distributed and line array approaches. The hybrid approach suggested by AVLS, working with our existing subs, turned out to be a winning combination. And there is no shortage of power from the Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controllers!”

He continues, “We are very happy with the result. Our front of house engineer is covered by the main array to feel connected with the room, while just one row behind is evenly covered by the VR12 delays. The control is amazing, and the intelligibility of the pro-ribbon is just what we needed. We are excited to consider Alcons and AVLS as the preferred choice for our future campus locations.”

Alcons Audio is a Dutch manufacturer of professional sound systems for quality-conscious clients in the cinema, installation and rental/touring industry,



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