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Gloria de Cristo Lutheran Church Shines Brighter

April 8, 2024 jill Blog
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In sunny Yuma, Arizona, Gloria de Cristo Lutheran Church serves as a second home for many, whether they’re able to physically be inside the beautiful interior or not. With a congregation size ranging from 50 to several hundred, coupled with an outdated AV system, church staff knew they needed an AV setup capable of better accommodating their parishioners’ needs for speech intelligibility and music reproduction. Fortunately, LEA Professional’s Connect Series amplifiers were more than up for the task.

While a large portion of Gloria de Cristo’s congregation is made up of local churchgoers, there is also a community of virtual attendees from around the world. Located near Marine Corps Air Station Yuma (MCAS Yuma), the church often welcomes members from the military base in person and virtually. Virtual attendees can stream church services from anywhere in the world to feel connected to the church while deployed.

To make this happen, Gloria de Cristo staff reached out to CCI Solutions to design and integrate a sound system to fit their needs. CCI Solutions is on a mission to provide the right amount of technology so churches can achieve their vision and deliver their message, without distractions.

“The church came to me intending to incorporate a sound system that was a couple of decades old and then solve the reverberation issues preventing clear audio,” said CCI Systems Consultant Mike Robertson. “With a strong military audience, we wanted to ensure everyone could stay connected with the church via web streams that were easy to hear and understand. It was important to offer that accessibility to all.”

Robertson assessed Gloria de Cristo’s needs and specified one Connect Series 1504 in the nave and one Connect Series 352 in the fellowship hall. The CS1504 is a 4-channel amplifier with 1,500 watts per channel, while the CS352 is a 2-channel amplifier with 350 watts per channel.

As part of the Network Connect Series, the world’s first Internet of Things- (IoT) enabled professional-grade amplifiers, both are well-suited for installations requiring high flexibility, making them the perfect choice for Gloria de Cristo’s widespread congregation.

“One of the coolest things about LEA Professional’s technology is the all-in-one capabilities,” added Robertson. “We were able to put everything on the CS1504 in the nave and everything on the CS352 in the fellowship hall. Everything is easy to integrate and operate, which can be a gamechanger for churches that don’t have tech support on site.”

CCI has been working with LEA Professional technology for a while, utilizing the amplifiers regularly in PA system installations. Robertson notes LEA’s flexibility and capabilities among the top reasons for standardizing on their technology.

“Ensuring the best possible audio experience for every guest is paramount,” said Scott Robins, vice president of sales at LEA Professional. “Our Connect Series amplifiers have elevated the church’s AV offerings, so every member can focus on the service instead of the outdated audio system.”

CCI Solutions is a national full-service church technology integration solutions company. For more than 40 years, CCI Solutions has been committed to helping church leaders deliver engaging experiences and connect with their congregations,

Headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, LEA Professional was founded to provide dealers/integrators in the professional AV market with the highest-performing, best-connected amplifier technology possible,


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