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How LED Displays Help Churches

May 4, 2020 jill Blog
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When you think of digital LED signs, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Car dealerships? Bowling alleys? Restaurants? Many of these businesses have discovered the benefit of using an LED sign to advertise their products and services, but LED signs can be just as important for churches looking to increase visibility and grow their congregation.

One of the most important aspects of any church is building and maintaining a strong congregation, and a digital display allows churches to quickly and effectively communicate to both current and future members. On the other hand, traditional signs are difficult to update and limit the amount of messages, therefore reducing the ability to catch the eye and draw attention.

Many churches use LED signs to inform members of their congregation and the surrounding community about local church-sponsored events and activities. They can also deliver spiritual messages, publicize important ceremonies and worship times.

Churches have a diverse audience made up of people of all ages and backgrounds, and they must share information in a way that can connect with such a varied group. One of the best ways to do this is through a versatile LED display.

Here are three ways an LED sign can help your church:

  1. Reach Out to the Community

If you want to bond with those in your community who may never usually step foot in your doors, a LED digital display is the perfect method. Many churches have residents call to put their children in Vacation Bible School or church preschool only because they saw it shared on their LED display. Others who are in need may see your sign offering care and easily find the assistance they seek during a time of trauma.

  1. Advertise Your Church

If you have been in the community awhile but don’t feel like your attendance is as it should be, you may need to focus on advertising. It may sound strange for a church to advertise, but if your goal is to serve those around you, it is important to have an easy way to tell others you are there for them. A LED display is a simple, uncomplicated method to highlight your services, events and programs to those who pass by and as a result guide more people through your welcoming doors.

  1. Inspire

For years, churches have used signs to encourage others with uplifting verses or mind-renewing truths. It was a tedious process to change traditional church signs, and the same verse usually was displayed for a week or more.

With a LED digital display, you are able to quickly change the sign to different inspiring messages as often as you like. If there has been a tragic accident, an exciting announcement, or if you feel the community needs a special word of encouragement, it only takes a few seconds to put on your new message and lift up those in need.

Tips for LED Sign Messaging

An LED sign installation may be perfectly suited for your church. It’s dynamic, it’s different, and it will attract the eyes those passing by. The trick, however, is to find that perfect ratio of function and flare.

After all, the flashiest sign in the world doesn’t mean a thing if it doesn’t serve its purpose. So, with that said, here are three important things to keep in mind when utilizing your LED sign display.

Keep the Content Fresh

A major advantage of the LED sign is, of course, its ability to deliver dynamic content. Traditional sign content is static, whereas with an LED sign, it can be updated regularly. Using this function is essential to maintaining a fresh image. Keep your members and potential members informed with pertinent messages tailored to a variety of factors, including special events. Keep these messages rotating throughout the day and night, and your church should experience an increase in brand awareness.

Don’t Go Overboard with Animations

Aside from rotating messages, an LED sign can also display simple animations. This can be fantastically eye-catching; however, it should be used in moderation. Overpowering your message with unnecessary animations may be detrimental. Instead, only use animations that enhance your message. Draw them in with movement, but engage them with your text.

Keep Your Viewer in Mind

Moving text and attractive animations are great, but churches need to consider the “audience factor” before finalizing any message scheme. How will they view your content? Where will they be when they view your content? If the audience will be on a slow-moving country road, perhaps slower transitions and more intricate animations will be appropriate. If, instead, they are zooming by on a busy highway, then quick (but not too quick) transitions with simple text might be necessary to get your point across.

Keep these in mind when setting up your LED sign installation, and you will be well on your way to maximizing its effectiveness.

 This information is courtesy of Focus Digital Displays, which is comprised of a team of LED experts with years of experience in the industry. Their team members are dedicated to sharing their knowledge about digital display technology to ensure you purchase the right product for your application,