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A Guide to Modernizing Your Dated Sanctuary

May 1, 2018 jill Blog
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Those once gleaming benches and bright colored walls of your sanctuary now look pretty dingy. You know that the whole vibe of the space is several years out of date, too.

It might be hard to justify the update when it comes to looking at your budget, especially if it seems to be working just fine for now. But you know that out-of-date churches tend to not attract new members, as well as often even lose current ones.

So, you want to make sure your church hits its growth goals, which means it’s time to rip up that carpet, throw on the paint coveralls, and bust out the volunteer list!

But where should you start?

Here’s a quick start guide to get your sanctuary in tip-top shape, ready for the next level of growth and deeper member loyalty.

1. Pews to Chairs

If your church is still using pews in the sanctuary, it’s time to give this a good analysis. Not only are wooden benches super uncomfortable, they’re also impractical and take up a ton of room.

If your church building is hurting in space, it’s probably time to rethink how you use your sanctuary. If its current use is for sanctuary purposes only, you should consider opening it up for flexibility (especially because it might save you from needing to rebuild or expand your building).

Removing wooden benches and adding chairs will be an adjustment for the older, more traditional members of your congregation.

However, chairs are far more comfortable, offer better back support, and they can be more affordable. They also make your space flexible. You can rearrange the chairs to fit the meeting, the number in attendance, and other factors.

2. Paint to Brighten

Does your current paint feel dark, drab, or just too neutral? Or maybe it’s so faded you’re not really sure what color it once was. Dusty, dirty walls are a big turn-off.

You’ll need to spend some time with your committee thinking about the overall design goals for your space. Choose a vibe that you know will fit your congregation’s personality.

Lighter, more neutral colors will bring a quiet, calm feel to the sanctuary. Brighter, more colorful tones will enliven the space and might appeal to younger members.

Decide what your goals are, then choose colors that will support your church’s vision.

3. Flooring to Freshen

Still hanging on to that 90s commercial carpeting that has several stains you just can’t get out? It’s definitely time to upgrade.

Depending on how you want the space to feel, you can choose to carpet again or something a little easier to clean.

Tile works great for flexible spaces that will be used for many kinds of events (no more worrying when the little ones spill fruit punch). But it can also encourage echoing, which might be a concern.

Whichever way you go, just make sure that the flooring looks new, clean, and modern. Dirty, old carpeting makes everyone feel a little uncomfortable.

4. Lights to Soften

Is your sanctuary full of fluorescent lighting, casting a harsh glare on everyone sitting under the lights? Mood lighting can be really important. It’s time to invest in quality lights that you’re in control of.

Choose lights that mimic the natural lighting outside for best results. Add in different layers of lighting with different wattages. Then you can turn on the bright lights for boisterous events and calmer lighting for worship.

Install dimmers, too, so you have even greater control over the lighting for every event. And don’t forget stage lighting!

5. Tech for Expansion

Your congregation might be just fine sticking with low-tech worship and sanctuary options. But if you’re aiming to attract younger members, you should definitely upgrade in the tech department.

Invest in a good quality sound system, at the very least. Bad-sounding systems are distracting and take away from that beautiful feeling congregation members get through music on Sunday morning.

Work your way up to other tech installations, if you feel like it will enhance your service. Projectors can be very useful to a modern church, as well as other kinds of technology that will aid your congregation members in truly understanding your message.

Plan It Right

Modernizing your dated church sanctuary should definitely be on your list of next things to do. But don’t take it lightly or just wing it.

One way to get great ideas for your church is to go on a field trip together as a committee. Visit a handful of other churches that you know are doing it right.

Attend their meetings, notice the vibe of their sanctuary, and come home with new eyes for your own space.

Then, put together a plan, carry it out, and then unveil your bright new sanctuary to congregation members. They’ll be delighted, and you’ll start to attract lots of new members!

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