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How One Church Is Tackling a Surge in COVID-19 Cases

February 8, 2021 jill Blog
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Coronavirus cases are on the rise once again. To prevent a rise in cases, it’s important to implement effective and easy solutions to maintain health safety within churches as we continue to move forward in the COVID-19 era.

Early this month, Indiana, specifically the Fisher community, had seen spikes of COVID-19 cases. The Fishers Board of Health has severely limited attendance at schools and restricted social gathering to 10 people or less.

Churches like Christ The Savior Lutheran Church in Fisher, Indiana, have implemented portable sanitation systems like the Portable Sanitizing System to assure the well-being of the Fisher community.

Jean Knuteson, church administrator for the Christ The Savior Lutheran Church, says, “We purchased the backpack sanitizing system largely to sanitize upholstered worship chairs between services. We have used it to sanitize tables and plastic chairs, as well.”

The church has followed state guidelines as far as social distancing and limiting events to small groups, but they were in search for a more effective way to sanitize between gatherings that would ensure the safety of the church community, which includes about 1,200 members.

While the church is currently not holding in person services due to Indiana being in the red health risk category, Knuteson did notice a major change when her church began using the ExtremeMist PSS.

“When we held in person events, we noticed how quickly areas were sanitized. The sprayer works well, allowing a person to spray 160 chairs in about a half hour…much more convenient than using hand sprayer bottles,” says Knuteson. “The misting spray covers finely, using less product than hand sprayers, so we are saving money on product, as well as improved efficiency. The room can be misted relatively quickly, and chairs dry faster.”

ExtremeMist has been working hard to make CDC-recommended sanitation less daunting and more accessible with their groundbreaking Portable Sanitation System (PSS). This sanitization delivery mechanism ensures a convenient and effective solution to address sterilization and sanitation in public spaces.

The Portable Sanitizing System powered by ExtremeMist atomizes the solutions (up to 170 Pound Per Square Inch) into a fine mist cloud that dries quickly on lower the speeds for a higher density coverage.

The PSS can be used to spray both small and large areas with far superior coverage (4000-5000 sq. ft. per hour) over traditional trigger-style spray bottles, making it perfect for commercial use.

The system is portable, cordless, and battery powered. It’s also lightweight, easy to operate, and comfortable to wear all day.

The Portable Sanitizing System is equipped with eight mist speeds, which puts the user in total control of the antimicrobial dispersion process and enables the user to spray areas while people are still on premise. The device works with any of the EPA and CDC recommended sanitation solutions.

Churches such as Christ The Savior are often the backbones of their local communities, and the pandemic has left so many Christians feeling cut off. It is more important than ever to find simple but effective solutions so that people can safely seek comfort in their church again with their fellow members.

To date, there are more than 60 churches and schools across the country that have already equipped Portable Sanitizing Systems for effective and convenient sanitation, including Saint Anne Catholic Church in Barrington, Illinois, South Harvest Church in San Antonio, Texas, and Coral Baptist Church in Glasgow, Kentucky.

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