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The Importance of Instant Communication in the Church

June 10, 2024 jill Blog
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172 mass shootings, 256 deaths, and 625 wounded citizens

That is the count in America this year. Do I have your attention? Do you copy?

The efficacy of safety and security in public venues in the United States has never held the importance that it does today. While houses of worship are intended to be a place of refuge where one can seek safety and assistance when in distress, reports that over 17% of mass shootings in America are driven by religious hate, almost doubled from 9% between 2000 and 2014.

Oftentimes, when preventative measures and solutions to increase security are discussed, the importance of communication gets overlooked. When people think of security or law enforcement, they think of guns and uniforms and a fear-inspiring presence that drives away those with ill-intent, but one of the most powerful tools (if not the most powerful) in the arsenal of security and law enforcement personnel is the two-way radio.

Two-way radios, or “walkie-talkies,” are a staple of every law enforcement and security agency on Earth. No genuinely effective “watchful eye” would be caught without a proper two-way radio and a professional coiled tube earpiece. These devices enable a team of people to disseminate information instantly, allowing action to be taken before anyone outside the radio network even knows what’s happening.

Unlike other forms of communication, by simply pressing a button, one can instantly be in the ear of every person in the network, sharing critical information with the entire team in seconds. So, not only is it fast, it’s easy.

Walkie-talkies are a great first line of defense in a church and potentially a crime deterrent. Remember “The Matrix?” When one “Agent” saw something suspicious, all of the other Agents were informed instantly and were able to take action, making them nearly impossible to take on.

If a person of ill-intent enters the premises and encounters one of your “Agents” who identifies them as a stranger and notices something is “off,” they can instantly inform the team. The balance of any possible conflict just shifted from 1 on 1 to a more advantageous 10 or 15 on 1.

Additionally, if the individual realizes a comms system is in play, they may abandon their plans entirely without incident. This is not limited to active shooters, but also thieves, vandals, and other individuals with unfavorable intentions.

Moreover, it’s important to remember that emergencies can be responded to very quickly. If someone falls or gets hurt, staff can respond expediently and effectively by sharing information and coordinating a response in mere moments.

It’s Not Just About Security

While it is incredibly important to ensure the safety and security of all attendees, staff, and volunteers, two-way radios aren’t just for safety. Beyond their instrumental role in crisis management, being able to communicate from a distance so quickly has many advantages.

Think about sound checks, seating, parking lots and parking organization, and the other coordination that happens at various church gatherings and events. “Little Sally just lost her lunch, can you have her mom come get her?” “Tim, the north restroom is out of paper towels.” “Rev. James needs a safety pin urgently. Do we have some somewhere?” There are endless possibilities and conveniences.

What about fellowship? A team that uses two-way radios tends to communicate more. Instant comms foster a sense of community by promoting open communication, not to mention the promotion of mutual support between different divisions, such as security, staff, volunteers, etc.

By making communication easier amongst the team, a sense of trust and reassurance among the congregants can be derived from the interconnectedness that it brings to the table.

So Many Choices, So Little Time

“Well, I guess we need some walkie-talkies… but which ones?” There are a number of considerations here, so let’s talk about the most important ones:


On the one hand, you want any persons of ill-intent to see the comms system, so we don’t want it to be a secret. On the other hand, we do not want it to be a disturbance in the church. Earpieces solve this problem by only permitting the user of the radio to hear incoming transmissions, preventing any disruptions. They also make the team look more professional and prepared to a would-be attacker, creating doubt in their mind.

Comfort and Ease of Use

The bigger the range of the radio, the more it will weigh. While no walkie-talkie is too heavy to carry, some are lighter than others, while some are more powerful than others. You’ll also want the most comfortable and easy to use earpieces with “semi-custom skeletal” earmolds. The “skeletal” design allows the user to continue to hear their surroundings.


Radios from department stores are easily broken, designed for families going on camping trips or to the zoo. They use generic frequencies assigned by the FCC, making it easy for anyone to listen in. “Business” radios are strongly recommended for both durability and privacy.

Warranty and Replacement

Most electronics come with a 1-year manufacturing defect warranty covering failures not caused by usage, but by defects in craftsmanship. Many times, it cannot be proven to be a defect and is blamed on misuse. Find a dealer that offers additional warranty coverage and some sort of replacement program in the event of damage. Even the most durable radio can be damaged; stay ahead of your budget.

To sum it up, two-way radios are both the foundation of proper safety and security, as well as a powerful tool of efficiency and convenience for everyone involved. By creating a real-time communication network with proper coverage on the property safety concerns are mitigated, emergencies are responded to in seconds, and the sanctity of your house of worship is effectively upheld. The inclusion of instant comms through a two-way radio system in daily operations will bolster the community and togetherness in any faith-based property.

Thanks for taking the time…over and out.

At Black Diamond Radio, Roman Phillips has been involved in the programming and setup of two-way radio systems and repeaters in churches and various businesses across the United States since 2020. Originally named Custom Earpiece, Black Diamond Radio has served the religious community’s communication needs for over 20 years,