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When Seconds Count, Are You Prepared?

October 16, 2019 jill Blog
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In today’s world of uncertainty and criminal acts, churches can be targeted due to the “soft” nature of most congregations.

It is often said that “when seconds count, the police are minutes away,” and it is the responsibility of individual congregations to take as many steps as possible to ensure their own safety.

Instant communications between security, parking lot staff, greeters, and other responsible parties inside facilities will heighten the operational awareness of all concerned parties without undue stress or worry by congregants.

The ideal vehicle to promote communications are the current generations of two-way radios that are small, concealable, durable and extremely cost-effective. The Business radio class of products includes both analog and digital variations, each with distinctive selling points.

Analog radios have been around for many years and for the most part can be programmed to work with other existing analog radios. They must be licensed with the FCC, and site-wide licenses are available for less than $500 and are good for 10 years.

Analog radio output can be sized for nearly any facility without the need for a repeater, although it is possible that megachurches with extreme acreage or facilities may get better coverage at long distance with one.

Digital radios are the new kids on the block, but they represent the future for most two-way communications. The most popular Business class radios from Motorola are also license free.

Digital radios come packed with features like one-to-one communication, the ability to “name” radios so that you know who you are talking to, and static-free voice transmission to the edge of the radio’s range.

With all two-way radios from suppliers like 2Way Supply, once they are purchased, there are no ongoing expenses like cell phones. Communications are instantaneous; there’s no dialing, no busy signals, no need to call numerous individuals, etc.

Business class 2-way radios are very durable, meeting MIL (military) specs for impact, dust, temperature, shock, and water. Most are rated at either IP54 or IP55, meaning that they can withstand rain, being splashed with water but are not rated for submersion.

There is another class of two-way radios that are encountered from time to time but are not suitable for the use we are discussing. There is a whole array of Consumer class radios that are intended to be recreational radios and aren’t designed to perform to Business class standards.

Consumer class radios aren’t approved by the FCC for operation by any entity other than individual users for family and friends.

Due to the nature of the radios, they are not durable, don’t offer consistent range or clarity, and don’t have the power to cover most facilities.

Regardless of the price of entry, if you can’t talk to all the people necessary, the radios aren’t really a bargain!

Motorola enjoys market share in the U.S. in excess of 85% for a reason—their radios work very well and last a long time. As a dedicated Motorola dealer, 2Way Supply recommends a variety of business radios for churches, depending on the size of their campus.

The Motorola CLS analog 1-watt radio is the No. 1 selling radio of all time, used extensively in retail stores, restaurants, hospitality, and schools. It is available in one-channel and four-channel configurations and is capable of covering 200,000 square feet and up to 12 story buildings. A wide variety of earpieces are compatible with the CLS to meet the comfort, concealability, or hearing needs of various users.

The Motorola CLP analog 1-watt radios are the smallest being manufactured currently. About the size of a ladies compact, they are lightweight and unobtrusive. A favorite of ladies’ retail stores, it still meets the same MIL specs as its larger brethren but doesn’t offer quite the range of the CLS.

The newest radio in the Motorola portfolio, and one of the most popular among church clients of 2Way Supply, is the 1-watt digital DLR license-free radio. Sized similarly to the CLS but capable of covering over 300,000 square feet and up to 20 stories, it also benefits from the latest electronic circuitry, allowing it to be static free to edge of its range. Available in two-channel and six-channel configurations, it can be expanded up to a max of 10 channels and can be paired with a range extender to cover large facilities.

Moving up in class to larger radios, the RM series from Motorola are 2-watt analog models available in UHF or VHF frequencies with four channels or eight channels capable of covering 300,000 square feet and 20 stories.

A NOAA weather frequency is programmed from the factory and allows constant monitoring for severe weather, allowing appropriate action to be taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

The RD series of Motorola 4-watt analog radios offer the most range and the most channels in UHF or VHF configuration for the money. RD series radios can be had in 10-channel or 16-channel models, with the latter offering a lighted display and channel announcement.

Depending on the individual property and the amount of radio interference in the area, the only way to size the perfect radio for an application is by trial. 2Way Supply provides all churches with a free trial of all of its Motorola 2-way radios. If a smaller radio provides all the coverage you need, you don’t have to pay for power you don’t need!

In today’s world, you can’t be too careful, nor can you go unprepared for the unimaginable. Take the steps today to source the best two-way radios and rest assured that they will perform to your expectations for a long time into the future!

2Way Supply is a nationwide, authorized Motorola 2way radio dealer specializing in business and commercial Motorola 2Way radios, parts and accessories, based in Texas,