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Benefits of Electric Shuttles and Golf Carts for Church Transportation

July 2, 2021 jill Blog
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Transportation requirements at places of worship vary. Depending on the size of your church’s property, you might need reliable, efficient forms of transportation for your congregation, staff or for security purposes.

You may also desire vehicles to transport parishioners and visitors around your church campus or summer camp. For instance, outer lying parking lots might be a considerable walk from the sanctuary, kids building, or activity centers.

Or, maybe your place of worship delivers meals to the elderly and sick residents in a low-speed community.

Regardless, there are companies that can customize street-legal golf carts or electric shuttles for any need. In fact, they likely have a viable solution waiting for you.

By selecting sliding glass windows, your passengers will feel comfortable in your church shuttles all year long. Electric shuttles can also be customized to include DVD players and other entertainment features.

If your electric shuttles will be used to transport children, you may be interested in adding educational audios with unique sounds and noises.

There are also a variety of ADA-approved safety lifts and ramps for its electric shuttles for members who need a little extra assistance.

In addition to electric church buses, many churches benefit from acquiring street-legal golf carts for day-to-day operations.

These vehicles can be used for security purposes, service and maintenance, as well as a means of transportation from one area of a church’s campus to another.

Golf carts for churches can be purchased in a variety of seating configurations, cargo bodies, and vehicle lighting kits, as well as wheelchair storage.

Therefore, you can select the model that best suits your specific needs. Whether your place of worship is a small rural church or a large, urban one, you can successfully ease your transportation burden with one or more electric shuttles or church golf carts.

Electric shuttle buses are ideal for transporting people around daytime campuses, church hospitals, summer camps, and any surrounding low-speed neighborhood. These electric people movers are perfect for quiet zones and low-speed areas.

Even better, you can customize any vehicle to meet your specific needs. For example, you can choose a variety of paint colors. You can even modify your church electric shuttles to look like a traditional yellow school bus.

Maintenance During Winter

Here are few tips to help you successfully care for your electric shuttle during those cold months:

  • After servicing your batteries, you will want to find your charger plug in and plug the vehicle into a wall outlet. You need a full 20-amp outlet to charge the cart properly, and make sure nothing else is plugged into the outlet.
  • Store your vehicle inside an enclosed dwelling or garage type structure.
  • Check to make sure all battery terminals are tight and free of debris or corrosion.
  • After confirming the cables are tight, check the distilled water levels in each battery. Your cart will either have 8 total batteries or 12 total batteries.
  • When viewing the batteries, the distilled water should be filled right above the silver plates inside each cell. If you can see the silver plate exposed, that cell needs water.
  • Finally, if possible, try to drive the cart one or two times during the winter for a few minutes just to knock off some surface charge.

This information is courtesy of Moto Electric Vehicles, a family owned and operated manufacturer and wholesaler of MotoEV street legal electric vehicles and golf carts,