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How Your Bus Can Benefit Homebound Church Members

  By Kayla Graham Social isolation and depression are just some of the feelings homebound or shut-in church members are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With church services cancelled or moved to remote, it is easy for senior members to feel unstimulated or emotionally down. With proper CDC safety precautions and state guidelines followed,

Adapting Customer Experience in the New Transportation Era

  By Ron Haley Consumer attitudes about personal mobility and commercial purchases are being shaped significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic and felt across the transportation sector. The pandemic, the lockdown and social distancing mandates have disrupted the consumer habits of buying as well as shopping. The speed with which these impacts have been felt is

Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Church Bus

  By Robert Kravitz In the professional cleaning industry, what we are learning about COVID is that preventing the spread of this disease is only as effective as the weakest link. This means that church leaders need to realize that to protect their congregants’ health, not only must the church be cleaned and sanitized, but

Why Your Congregation Needs a Church Bus

  Church communities do a lot more than worship together. They bring people together for both religious and fun activities, not to mention missionary and humanitarian work throughout their community. However, the larger and more active your church community is, the more likely you are to need a church bus or shuttle to transport your

Why Buy a Used Bus?

  Let’s look at the top five benefits of buying a used bus! Cost Efficient Purchasing a new bus may be more exciting…after all, who doesn’t love that new car smell? However, excitement may not be what helps your bottom line the most. Cost A used bus could cost just one-third of what a new

Thoughts on Buying a Bus for Your Church

  By Kevin Swan The process of securing and buying transportation for your churches takes some basic steps of common sense. Dealership Purchase This would be the normal process and path to follow. However, bus dealerships are spread out throughout the country and most times many miles away from your church or regional location. Not

How Far Will Your Bus Warranty Take You?

First, some good news: Near the end of 2018, Starcraft Bus and Glaval Bus, two of the largest shuttle bus manufacturers in the country, increased their standard bus manufacturers’ warranty coverage from 3 years/36,000 miles to 5 years/100,000 miles. What that means is that if the air conditioner goes out in year four or five,

10 Tips for Buying a Refurbished Bus

  This article first appeared in the January 2010 issue. This article is courtesy of The Bus Company, Considering buying a refurbished bus for your church’s transportation needs? Here are 10 considerations to factor into your selection process. Tip #1  Number of Passengers One of the most important elements to consider when purchasing your

How Church Groups Can Best Use Charter Bus Rentals

Charter bus rentals are one of the best ways for church groups to travel. A motor coach or mini bus can help your whole group arrive on time and at the same time to a variety of church events and functions. For many churches, group gatherings and travel are a vital part of their ministries

Raising Money to Buy New Transportation

By Dick Raddatz So, you want a new church bus but don’t have the money to pay for it? No problem! Raising thousands of dollars is never easy, but it can be done efficiently if you follow four steps to success. 1. Organize, Organize, Organize! An active and motivated fundraising committee is critical to your
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