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How to Find the Best Commercial Playground Equipment Manufacturer

April 9, 2019 jill Blog
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By Grant Riley

What does it take to create the most awesome playground in town?

It takes the best commercial playground equipment.

It seems like a no-brainer, right? Actually, finding the right equipment for your fun-filled playground can seem pretty daunting. This is especially true if you’re unsure of which manufacturer to choose.

The principle is simple: choose a quality manufacturer, and you’ll get quality products. But how do you go about finding the best manufacturer? And is it okay to let the level of quality slide a little?

Why It’s So Important to Invest in Quality Commercial Playground Equipment

Investing in quality equipment should definitely be at the top of your list when it’s time to buy new commercial playground equipment for your church.

There are four reasons for this.


This probably is your No. 1 priority. If it’s not, it definitely should be. The responsibility falls to you whenever anyone walks onto your playground. Therefore, the equipment you choose should be safe. The best way to find the safest equipment is to find a manufacturer with an awesome safety record.


Top-notch manufacturers are confident in their equipment. That’s why they’re willing to offer a good warranty. If a manufacturer you’re considering doesn’t offer a fair warranty – or any warranty at all – it’s time to run the other way!


High-quality equipment isn’t just equipment that kids can play on. It is equipment that can help them learn and socialize with other kids. Some of the best playground products on the market are those that teach kids new skills, like playing music or developing their problem-solving skills.


The durability of equipment will be reflected in the price. But don’t let that scare you away. Instead, use it as your gauge. You don’t have to invest in the most expensive equipment, but keep in mind that, as with many things in life, a higher cost now can save you money in the future. A durable product will last for years – even decades. Cheap products need to be replaced often.

How to Find Top-Rated Manufacturers (Don’t Worry – It’s Not Difficult!)

Choosing a high-quality manufacturer can help you save money and keep your playground safe. So, how do you go about finding this type of playground equipment manufacturer?

Here are a few tips that will help you find the best manufacturer for your needs.

Look for Manufacturers with the Best Reputation

Reputation is everything. It doesn’t matter what kind of business a person is in – if they have a good reputation, they’re going to be in business for a long time.

Most companies understand this and will do all they can to build a good reputation in the community, amongst their competitors, and with their customers.

A manufacturer will have a good reputation for the following reasons:

* They provide top-level products.

* Their customer service is amazing.

* They’re affordable.

You can learn about a company’s reputation by word of mouth. Talk to colleagues who have purchased commercial playground equipment in the past. Find out who they’ve had good dealings with and who they trust.

Another way to find out about reputation is to check out a company’s online reputation. This can be in the form of online reviews on review sites, Google, or even social media.

There aren’t many businesses that don’t have a social media presence these days. Follow them to find out how they treat customers and deal with negative customer experiences/comments. That will tell you a lot about what type of experience you can expect to have when working with them.

Is the Commercial Playground Equipment Made with High-Quality Materials?

High-level materials will make a huge difference in the type of investment you make. The old adage “you get what you pay for” isn’t far off from the truth. A manufacturer that uses the best materials will create a product that is both safe and durable.

The playground equipment with better materials will last longer and stand up to the wear and tear of regular use and weather conditions.

What’s Their Commitment to Safety?

A company can say they’re committed to safety, but how do you know if this is really true?

First, they’ll use the best materials available.

Second, they’ll invest the time, energy, and money necessary in getting commercial playground equipment safety certification.

Investing in the Best Playground Equipment Possible Will Give You Incredible Peace of Mind

As a church leader, you have two concerns.

First, you need to attract people to your playground, which means it needs to be fun and attractive.

Second, you have to make sure the grounds and whatever equipment you invest in are safe for your visitors.

That’s a hefty amount of responsibility on your shoulders. And that much responsibility can lead to some pretty sleepless nights.

Thankfully, when you choose a high-quality manufacturer, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that anyone who visits your playground will not only have the time of their life – they’ll be safe doing it.

Now that will help you rest easy!

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