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Selecting Chairs for Your Worship Facility

April 9, 2019 jill Blog
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By Amy DalCanton

Which chair style is best for your church?

You’re currently looking for the perfect seating for your project or renovation, and you may be debating what style fits best with your overall design vision.

Both traditional and contemporary types of seating have their advantages, especially when paired with the most common design aesthetics.

Continue With the Old…

You’re definitely in the right place for traditional wood chairs, as wood was the historic de-facto material for furniture.

Centuries-old universities and churches, historic country clubs, and notable libraries often like to highlight their distinguished pasts; this includes preserving their original architecture or recapturing the interior decor of old.

Traditional furniture comes into play as a physical reminder of that prestige, and one which their students, patrons, and guests interact with on a daily basis.

Even if your high-use space is relatively young, traditional-style chairs have left a long history of styles and design elements from which to choose.

You may wish to bring an old-world sense of renown into your project, especially to impress anyone who walks into the room. In this case, the average plastic or metal chair simply won’t cut it.

…Or Branch Out to the New

Any contemporary space is made all the more beautiful with the natural touch hardwood provides. Our clients who need wood chairs for a contemporary room may surprise you, but there’s no better material that’s attractive, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. You can find contemporary wood chairs that combine both modern taste with the tried-and-true of the past.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that wood fell out of favor as the main furniture material. For the newest architectural trends, chairs built from steel, plastic, or acrylic got the association.

Although all three are strong and durable, they are not nearly as sustainable nor easy on the environment. Contemporary hardwood chairs are those that complement the architecture around it while committing to environmentally sustainable values.

Five Reasons to Choose Wood Chairs that Stack

Your facilities likely include rooms that must be rearranged for different events, which can seem a monumental task to perform again and again.

You might also face difficulty when it comes time to deep clean the floor of your dining area, as juggling the seating around can cause a headache.

Simply put, facility managers face a lot of stress on the job, and we try to help alleviate that in what ways we can.

With stacking hardwood chairs, you don’t have to sacrifice the elegance and warmth of wood for ease of convenience.

Your staff would have an easier time with stacking wood chairs, while your patrons will remain delighted with comfortable and beautiful seating. No need to dismiss either desire!

Here are the top five reasons why our clients spring for our stacking models:

1. Easy Rearrangement for New Seating Plans

For multi-use rooms and function spaces, getting to stack your chairs makes event planning a smooth transition from one event to the next. This is especially helpful when there’s a quick turnaround in between events.

2. Transporting and Moving Chairs

Multiple rooms will need different seating numbers, depending on the function, and a stack of chairs means moving multiple chairs in one go instead of one at a time. Transporters make it a breeze to move from one room to another, cutting down the time needed to prepare or clean up. Each stacking chair is made for easy handling, relieving managers and facilities of stressful room changes.

3. Cleaning

Speaking of cleaning, the days of arduous cleaning are over with stacking wood chairs. Instead of flipping chairs onto the tables or taking up half the room with chairs, they can be stacked in a small amount of space and allow for easier, faster cleaning.

4. Storage

Some facilities would like to keep their wood chairs separate for select events or when their events are seasonal, but have limited storage options. Stacked chairs still makes it possible to store chairs when not in use without needing a massive warehouse to do so.

5. Efficient Use of Space

All of the above culminates in getting the most out of your worship facility. You’ll save time and energy while also maintaining incredible seating that will last a lifetime, even under the toughest conditions. Having chairs that live up to your institution’s prestige and your staff’s needs is completely possible with stacking wood chairs.

Amy DalCanton is marketing and operations manager for Eustis Chair, Eustis Chair designs and manufactures hardwood chairs for high-use spaces. Their chairs are designed for elegance and comfort, and they are engineered for truly superior durability.

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