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3 Big Benefits of Radius Curved Pews for Your Congregation

  True radius curved pews can increase seating capacity in your worship space. This means your growing congregation will better fit in the sanctuary you already have or accommodate more worshipers for years to come in your newly built space. If your church or other sacred worship space resides in a very old, traditional building,

Maximizing the Use of Public Space

By Steve Cohen The key to creating a facility that adds value beyond Sunday lies in the design of public space—the areas where people meet, eat, learn and relax. In the modern congregation, there are many types of public space, including lobbies, social halls, recreation rooms, youth lounges, coffee shops and corner nooks. While each

A Guide to Modernizing Your Dated Sanctuary

Those once gleaming benches and bright colored walls of your sanctuary now look pretty dingy. You know that the whole vibe of the space is several years out of date, too. It might be hard to justify the update when it comes to looking at your budget, especially if it seems to be working just

Selecting Your Seating Style

By Amanda Opdycke & Jacob Hauter When renovating or installing new furniture, there are important options to consider. Various seating options can fit well in the church. Depending on the floor layout of the building, some seating styles can be the perfect fit for the congregation. Pews The classic look and comfortable feel of pews

A Guide to Choosing the Right Church Chair

By Nina Campbell Finding the right church seating is a really important decision to make. It’s a big financial commitment for most churches, and it’s likely that the chairs will be around for a long time. Here are some key attributes to consider when looking at church chairs. What do you really require? Whether it’s

The Case for Stacking Banquet Seating

By Chris Hodgson This month marks five years since Religious Product News published an article, written by MityLite, about the considerations that should be made when looking for Multi-Purpose Seating. We’d like to revisit the suggestions and tips described in that article, specifically about banquet and stacking chairs, and look at what has, or hasn’t,
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