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DPA Mics Provide Accurate, Intelligible Sound for Churchgoers Watching from Home

  When faced with shelter-in-place regulations amid the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware, like many churches around the world, decided to shift from in-person gatherings on Sundays to recorded services so churchgoers could watch from home. The initial offerings relied on existing audio and video equipment, which was more

What Is the Best Pulpit Mic for Your Church?

By Duke Taber In our age of digital technology, not everyone can appreciate things that are “old school.” One of those things is preaching from behind the pulpit, yet many people love that their pastor still stands behind the lectern to deliver God’s word to them. With that in mind, finding the best pulpit mic

The Best Microphone for Preaching

By Brandon Hilgemann I once preached a sermon that I thought was one of my best yet. But then I watched the recording, and I was horrified! My mic popped and hissed throughout the entire message. It was distracting and embarrassing. Has this ever happened to you? A great sermon can be spoiled by a

Take Control of Wireless Microphones

By Chris Huff What’s your biggest frustration with wireless microphones? 1. Poor battery life Wireless microphones quickly suck battery life. Think about it; as soon as the wireless transmitter is turned on, it’s sending a signal. The key to a good battery life is to pick the right batteries. If you have to use single-use

Wireless Microphones: Updates and Frequencies Best Practices

There’s been a lot of discussion and questions regarding the FCC’s 600 MHz incentive auction. We contacted Joe Ciaudelli of Sennheiser to walk us through some specifics of the update and options houses of worship have. We also touched on steps organizations can take to achieve synergy when they have microphones from multiple manufacturers on
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