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11 Ways to Create a Safe Environment for Children

  Child safety encompasses more than strict adherence to policy and procedures. It also involves creating an environment that prioritizes communication and transparency, where kids feel safe and included. Create a Supportive Atmosphere Start your time by consistently gathering together. This will help you assess the children, set the tone for yourself and your students,

7 Benefits of a Child Check-In System

  What is a check-in system for a church? It’s a tool that simplifies, organizes, and secures children’s ministry operations. It enhances your ministry in several ways, from safety measures to attendance tracking to communication. No matter the size of your church, your children’s ministry needs a child check-in system. Here are the biggest benefits

Engaging Learning Spaces for the Youngest Members of the Congregation

  For many religious organizations, making facilities safe and welcoming for members’ children is a growing priority. Now, more than basic babysitting or daycare, houses of worship are updating and upgrading classrooms and community spaces to provide even the youngest children with spaces to play, create, and, most of all, learn. Here are several tips

Creating a Child Check-In Process from Scratch

By Josiah Oslund When we sat down to create our child check-in process for our church plant over a decade ago, I was reminded of God’s words to Moses in Exodus 4:2, “What do you have in your hand?” When starting a new work, it’s often easier to see what you don’t have – rather

Four Safety Mistakes Your Children’s Ministry Can’t Make

  By Lynne Howard As a children’s ministry leader, I know how it feels to face issues with staffing rooms on Sundays and I know the struggle of volunteers not following policies or showing up. I’ve also dealt with parents who were upset about policies being enforced. It can be tempting to want to “bend”

The Church Nursery Makeover

  While the church nursery is one of the first ministry sites young families encounter when they visit your church, it’s likely not the first room on the list for renovations. Because it’s not the most public or frequently used space, the nursery is easy to push updates back, until you realize it’s been a

Adopting a Digital Check-In System

  By Alex Clay Church is place of community, and families and children are the vibrant heart of any congregation. Offering safe and easy childcare can attract new families and encourage parents to get more involved at church while their kids celebrate in their own space. A great way to ensure kids are safe is

Church Nursery in the Wake of a Pandemic

  By Brandi Kirkland Here are the three positions in which you’ve likely found yourself if you’re reading this article: You are planning to re-open your nursery. You have reopened your nursery, and no one is bringing you their children. You have reopened your nursery, and everyone is bringing you their children! Three different states

Four Factors to Have in Place When Reopening the Children’s Area

  The return of gathering in person is gaining speed, and it’s essential to think through what your strategy will look like when families begin to arrive after COVID-19. As we step into the new normal, some things might have changed, and it’s important to recognize the impact on families and create a positive first

Assessing Child Safety – Now Is the Time

  By Angela Lewton With the recent changes due to COVID-19 and churches reopening and planning the process to reopen, now is the time to do a child safety assessment and examine these questions: “Is my church as safe as it can be? What does child safety look like in this new normal?” As families

Nursery Room Best Practices

  Raising up future generations to carry on the mission of the church is a huge and exciting responsibility! We as church leaders want to do all we can to develop kids who are Christ-followers and disciple-makers. So, how do we create environments for this to happen that will allow for both the kids and

Creating a Peaceful Nursery at Church

By Mimi Bullock Nursery ministry is so special. What a joy to minister to little ones the love and peace of God! One of the most important things we can hope for in a church nursery is a holy peace. That doesn’t mean babies won’t cry and parents won’t agonize over leaving their babies behind,

Nursery Room Floorcare Challenges

By Matt Morrison There are several types of floors that church properties can select from for their nurseries. Many select carpet. It helps “quiet” a nursery room. Plus, we now know that carpet absorbs airborne pollutants, helping to prevent them from being inhaled, which helps protect health. Carpet also helps prevent slip and fall accidents from occurring and is softer under

Equipping Your Restrooms and Nurseries for Babies

By Amy Seretsky About 10 years ago, a New York man wrote columnist Dear Abby (Abigail Van Buren) the following letter: Dear Abby, I’m a single father of an 18-month-old and am wondering why so many public places have no baby-changing stations available in areas where men can use them. I find it hard to

How to Protect Children in Church Nurseries

  This article originally appeared in the October 2007 issue. By Kevin Hosey Kevin Hosey is marketing director for Long Range Systems, Since 1993, LRS has been providing on-site paging and management systems to churches and other industries worldwide. I have been attending churches since I was a little boy. Besides renewing my faith

Flatland Kids' Ministry and Self-Service Kiosks

By Kelsie M. Collins Flatland Group is a church in Omaha, Nebraska, that is affiliated with the Assemblies of God. AG is a worldwide network of Christian churches that has approximately 52+ million members in 212 countries. Churches have been teaming up this way as a means to share resources with one another to support

Safe Nurseries, Safe Toys

  This article originally appeared in the June 2005 issue. By Lynda Freeman Lynda Freeman has been in children’s ministry for 33 years and is a curriculum consultant, curriculum writer and freelance writer. You can visit her on the Web at We all want our church nurseries to be a place where children are
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