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5 Questions to Ask Before Renovating Your Sanctuary

  Has the question of remodeling your church’s sanctuary come up repeatedly in leadership discussions? Even so, is there a lack of decision-making or consensus on next steps? A church sanctuary remodel can be a huge project both in scope and budget, so it’s not surprising that deliberation on the topic often lasts months, or

Does Your Pulpit Enhance the Worship Experience?

  By Alan Gao A pastor spends most of his time in church service behind a pulpit. While a podium does not impact the sermon’s substance, it does play a significant role in shaping the tune of church worship ambience. A good pulpit helps draw your congregation to the pulpit, and a bad choice can

Is Your Podium Ruining Your Efforts?

  By Louis Desrosiers In a church, the podium will remain the centerpiece of most events. One should take care when settling up with a podium. This piece of furniture is not ordinary. That’s because it is closely involved in the message you want to convey. Modern Looking They say “clothes do not make the

What Should You Know About Selecting Worship Chair Upholstery?

  By Amanda Caraway There are many things to consider when choosing the upholstery for your worship chairs. In general, the commercial material industry offers five common materials for upholstering chairs: fabric, vinyl, polyurethane, leather, and silicone. Leather and silicone have a few disadvantages. Leather is a high-end upholstery that is difficult to produce in

Is It Time to Replace Your Pulpit?

  By Steve Antunes When church members walk into the sanctuary, chances are the first thing they see is your pulpit. If it appears cheap, old, worn out or tired, that impacts on their perception of your platform and possibly the success of your ministry. On the other hand, if you have an elegant, well-crafted

Working with Non-Traditional Worship Spaces

  By Dr. Tom McElheny Historically, church services have been held in a dedicated worship facility. In the 21st century, anything can be a worship facility. From converted gyms to old retail spaces, many congregations are meeting in non-traditional spaces. The cost for renting or buying these is often cheaper than a traditional church building,

Huge LED Retrofit at Olive Baptist Church

  In 2019, Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida, made the decision to upgrade both their stage and house lighting systems in their main sanctuary, a huge undertaking that meant replacing over 600 lighting fixtures. “We decided to replace every tungsten light that illuminated in the room with an LED fixture,” said Bobby Taylor, tech

Finding the Best Church Chairs for Your Congregation

  Church chairs are the cornerstone of the churchgoing experience. People congregate, greet, meet, share and worship around these essential tools, and without them, things would look very different for parishioners. From sanctuary pews to plastic folding chairs for church picnics, there are many different types of church chairs to choose from depending on what

3 Big Benefits of Radius Curved Pews for Your Congregation

  True radius curved pews can increase seating capacity in your worship space. This means your growing congregation will better fit in the sanctuary you already have or accommodate more worshipers for years to come in your newly built space. If your church or other sacred worship space resides in a very old, traditional building,

Crown Design Group and Absen Create Inspirational Sanctuary Environment for Action Church

  As one of the fastest growing churches in the United States, Action Church has become a community fixture in local Orlando areas, including Oviedo, Sanford and Winter Garden. Most recently, Action Church expanded its reach when it opened its newest location in Winter Park, Florida, as its first large, non-mobile location. “We exist here

Cost of Used Church Sanctuary Furniture

  This article originally appeared in the August 2013 issue. By Joshua Gabrielson Joshua Gabrielson is a church furniture consultant. I get a lot of people who contact me through my website asking about what something should cost online in the used church furniture market. I see tons of places like Craigslist that offer church

A Guide to Modernizing Your Dated Sanctuary

Those once gleaming benches and bright colored walls of your sanctuary now look pretty dingy. You know that the whole vibe of the space is several years out of date, too. It might be hard to justify the update when it comes to looking at your budget, especially if it seems to be working just

Renovating Your Sanctuary Seating

By Amanda Opdycke Many churches today are opting to renovate rather than proceed with a complete design-build for a new church. Renovating your church is an effective way to update and enhance your parishioner’s experience during the service while maintaining a modest budget. Renovations range from short-term projects, such as updated painting, flooring and seating,

Choosing Projectors for Sanctuaries

By Wayne Borg Technology keeps us connected these days. It is already enhancing the worship experience with the use of large screens and projectors to help people pray and sing. Microphones and elaborate sound systems make sure everyone can hear, whether you are sitting up close or all the way in the back. Services are
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