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Five Ways a Church App Can Help You Re-Engage After Summer

  Summer keeps your congregation busy – vacations, reunions, youth sports, and other activities can have church members on the road and away from your services. We’ve heard plenty of church leaders asking an important question: what are the best ways to re-engage our members once life goes “back to normal” after the busy summer

Why Your Church Should Be Using Project Management Software

  By Josh Breland Churches large and small are constantly doing projects. Project management software can help. But, first, what is a project? According to the Project Management Institute, it’s a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. A project is temporary in that it has a defined beginning and end

7 Must-Have Church Communication Tools and Strategies

  Clear and effective communication is crucial for the seamless operation of your church. A church congregation can work as a great team only if they plan their responsibilities and event timings. But what strategies and tools help seamless collaboration and communication in the church? Read on to discover more about what communication strategies and

How to Enhance the House of Worship Experience with Video Streaming Technology

  Houses of worship are ushering in a new era with the adoption of interactive technologies. The pandemic drove churches to prioritize their video capabilities, but continued investment in technology has become a consistent priority for many. Before the pandemic, many houses of worship did not consider the benefits of interactive technologies, such as live

How to Organize a Digital Mission Trip for Your Church

  You may be one of many who wanted to go on a traditional mission trip but felt hindered because of travel, time, or lack of financial resources. Now, with half the world’s population online, another branch of mission “trips” has been born: Digital Mission Projects. Use this guide to help your own launch a

How to Guarantee Members Never Miss a Church Update

  By Dani Henion Love them or hate them, cell phones are a common sight in church services today. Some people are using their phone to take notes or look up Scripture. Others are looking up nearby restaurants for lunch. Either way, church members are more technologically connected now than ever. Why, then, is it

Tips for Building a Photo Directory for a Larger Church

  Need tips for building a photo directory for a larger church? Then you’ve come to the right place! A large church is an ideal candidate for a membership directory filled with photos of church members, their contact information, and other helpful details about the congregation and its day-to-day work. By creating an online directory

Why Text After COVID?

  By Jason Alexis While we were in lockdown and isolation, many ministries onboarded texting software for churches to help them stay in touch with their people. Now that the restrictions are more or less lifted and life is settling into the new normal, people are back in church. Why continue to text and keep

How Your Church Can Embrace the Future of Digital Communications

  By Jason Caston The digital age has brought about a revolution in communication. Never before have we been able to communicate so easily with people all over the world. The advancement of the web, email, social media, and mobile has played an enormous role in giving instant access to millions of people. What will

Answers to Common eGiving Questions

  You have likely seen and read articles about how online giving helps increase. It provides methods that more and more people are accustomed to—or getting accustomed to using. Since the pandemic began, churches offering online services and limited in-person attendance have been seeking solutions to keep the church doors open. Providing donors more options