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Selecting the Right Church Chairs

April 10, 2023 jill Blog
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By Joe Agati

For many years, churches have utilized the tried-and-true seating option: the pew. When it came time to upgrade, there were a limited number of options from which to choose.

As part of modernity movements in various faiths, many churches moved towards a similarly styled padded chairs with metal bases. You may recall feeling like the most difficult decision was which of the three colors to choose!

Fast-forward to today.

Whether your church is looking to make the switch from pews to chairs or if your chairs are ready to be replaced, there are many options available to you. And, not every chair has the features that made pews the clear choice for so many years: durability, stability, and the option to incorporate ornate details.

As you are searching for the best church chairs for your space, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Honoring Your Stewardship

Your church budget may not have a line item for furniture upgrades in it yearly. As a not-for-profit place of worship, you have a responsibility to steward the resources you have well.

When it comes time to choose the right chair for your church, you are looking for the best value, knowing that it needs to last without need for regular repair and replacement.

For the past four decades, we have prided ourselves on blending artistic form with long-lasting durability. Each chair we make is crafted to handle the type of use it will experience in your place of worship each week.

By incorporating quality materials and careful construction, we can ensure that each chair we build will serve your community for years and years to come. We work hard to honor your investment by making quality furniture that stands the test of time.

Drawing Attention to the Spiritual Environment

Setting the tone for your place of worship starts from the moment someone walks through your doors. You want them to feel welcomed, safe, connected, and reverent.

Much of the environment for your sanctuary is set by your furniture selection.

Chairs for churches need to offer practical value (comfort), visual value (design), and carry a cohesive aesthetic with the existing design of your space.

Whatever style of architecture your church building embodies, the chairs you pick should complement and enhance the space.

Custom Options for Church Chairs

Church chairs should be crafted to support how your congregation uses the space and crafted specifically for regular use. If you choose a build-to-order chair company, you are able to tailor pieces by modifying the design, customizing the upholstery, and anything else you need.

Customization options include:

  • Kneeler
  • Hymnal rack or storage
  • Engraving of your congregation’s symbol
  • Arms or armless
  • Ganged together
  • Wood or upholstered seat and/or back
  • Communion cup holders

The options are limitless, and your chair company will work with you the whole way to ensure you end up with an environment you will be proud of. Be sure to let your chair company know if your congregation has a specific need they can customize a church chair for.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

There are a few things you’ll need in order to pick the right chair for your church. Besides the design of your seating choices, you will want to determine the size of your space and any features to be aware of such as sound booths, aisles, and emergency exits.

You will also need to confirm the capacity the seating area can accommodate.

Your chair company can work directly with you to meet the needs of your congregation by determining the best design and layout options, as well as the best seat dimensions for comfort and capacity.

Why You Can’t Afford to Buy Low Quality Furniture

Furniture is the backbone of public spaces. It’s a key aspect of how you provide for your patrons and how they experience your facility. It’s easy to be attracted to the idea of spending the lowest amount possible upfront when furnishing or refurnishing a space.

However, more often than not, inexpensive furniture incurs higher long-term costs, making it the budgetary elephant in the room.

Joe Agati is design director and chief operating officer for Agati Furniture, a family-owned team of passionate furniture designers, engineers, and manufacturers,