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Moving to an Online Directory

July 1, 2020 jill Blog
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By Donna Hammond

Now more than ever, having accurate and handy contact information for your church members is imperative. We’ve seen how online and electronic communication options have made it possible to keep in touch with one another when we may not be meeting in person. From schedule changes to prayer requests, getting the word out and checking in with each other is important.

With your church photo directory, you’ll want to have an option to connect members to each other electronically. With the advantages an electronic directory has over a photo directory, you’ll need to consider there’s a little more communication needed upfront. Plus, ongoing education is needed to get everyone on the same page to embrace and utilize the technology.

Share the benefits of a digital directory with your members.

With a digital directory, your directory is always up-to-date. When you make a change in your directory, such as updates to addresses, phone numbers and emails, those changes are immediately sent to your members. There’s no waiting for an updated printed directory to be created and distributed. Changes are immediate.

Digital directories allow for access at your fingertips. Phones and computers are easily accessible by most. Therefore, your church photo directory can be accessed anytime from any location. When you access your directory through mobile phones or computers, it’s easy to call, text or email others for a quick check-in. You never have to dial a number or type an email address — everything can be done with a click of a link.

Make sure your members are all onboard or have an alternative.

Educate, educate, educate. With any directory program, you’ll want to make sure your members have the education and know-how to access the directory on their devices and computers.

Don’t leave the non-tech-savvy members behind. Not everyone will be able to access the directory electronically. And, that’s okay. But recognize that, and be sure to provide a printed directory as needed for those who are more comfortable with a printed version.

The success of any church directory is preparation. Take the time to prepare yourself and your members, so that all can enjoy the benefits of a church photo directory to bond your church community even closer.

Donna Hammond is the marketing production manager for Instant Church Directory.

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