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Safeguarding Your Church Directory

  In today’s digital era, the security of a church directory extends beyond its physical pages. A directory is a repository of trust, containing not just names but the essence of a community. Vigilance against cyber threats is not just a recommendation; it’s a stewardship of that trust. Recognizing the Risks Awareness is the first

Tips for Building a Photo Directory for a Larger Church

  Need tips for building a photo directory for a larger church? Then you’ve come to the right place! A large church is an ideal candidate for a membership directory filled with photos of church members, their contact information, and other helpful details about the congregation and its day-to-day work. By creating an online directory

Updating Your Church Directory: Tips on When and How

  Everyone knows the importance of keeping a church directory and roster up to date. But the big question that remains is: How often should you update a directory? The answer is…well, it depends! Here are a few key tips to ensure that your church’s directory remains current. Schedule at least a yearly update to

List Special Occasions in Your Church Directory to Build Community

  As we’ve learned throughout the long pandemic, special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries are important to celebrate—no matter the method. Even when physical distancing protocols mean extra creativity is required, friends and family enjoy wishing one another well at life’s important milestones. That’s one reason drive-by birthday parades and virtual parties have lifted

Don't Let Your Church Directory Become Outdated During the Pandemic

  It has been over one full year since the beginning of March 2020, when normal, as we knew it, changed. A full year has come and gone since church leaders had to make some of the hardest decisions they’ve ever had to make and scramble to find new ways to worship and embrace this

Using Groups in Your Church Directory

  By Donna Hammond A church body is more than just a single organization. The church body is often made up of smaller organizations that vary in their functions. They help the church meet its obligations not only to its members but also to the community. It takes more than just office staff to run

Moving to an Online Directory

  By Donna Hammond Now more than ever, having accurate and handy contact information for your church members is imperative. We’ve seen how online and electronic communication options have made it possible to keep in touch with one another when we may not be meeting in person. From schedule changes to prayer requests, getting the

Ways to Help Pay for Your Online Church Directory

  By Kristen Greene So, you might like the idea of an online church member directory vs. a traditional printed directory, but one thing you might not like are those monthly or annual payments associated with the online directory program. Here are three easy ways to help pay for the online directory so it’s sure

Build a Church Directory Team

  So, you’ve been handed the job title of “directory administrator.” The job at hand can feel daunting and overwhelming, especially if you feel all the responsibility lies on your shoulders. But this is a great opportunity to remind yourself that you don’t have to go this alone. You can take this project and organize

6 Tips for Taking Professional Church Directory Photos

By Kristen Greene One downside of creating your own church directory or using a do-it-yourself church directory software program is having to take your own photos of church members. We don’t want to end up with a directory filled with “mug shots” that simply don’t paint your members in the best light. After all, who

Church Directories: More Than a Roster of Names and Faces

This article originally appeared in the April 2005 issue. By Frances Putman Most growing churches know they need a membership directory to help everyone in the congregation put names and faces together. Directories also help chronicle a church’s history and record the ministries and activities taking place within its walls and through its outreach in

5 Benefits of Having an Online Directory and Online Profiles for Your Members

By Amy Bechdel When you think of a church directory, what do you picture? A book that sits on your shelf? A list of contact information your church administrator keeps? An old photo album? If that’s your current church directory, you may wonder how moving it online could really benefit your church. But an online directory

Making a Church Directory

By Aaron Marsh Print, Digital, or Both? Online directories as well as printed directories are excellent options that help church members to connect. With either online or print directories, you can opt for photo directories (usually a massive effort of coordinating members’ schedules with the photographer). The advantage of a photo directory is that it
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