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Enhancing Church Security with Advanced Network Solutions

  By Patrick Chown Recently, the need for enhanced security measures in churches has become increasingly apparent. With the rise in incidents affecting places of worship around the world, it’s clear that these sacred spaces are not immune to security threats. Churches are now recognizing the importance of proactive measures to protect their congregations, staff,

The Evolution of Smart Notifications with Situational Awareness and Middleware Technology

  By Laura Hartman In the rapidly evolving landscape of religious institutions safety, ensuring the safety and security of the congregation and staff remains a paramount concern. Disruption to the solemnity of the church comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from potential threats and emergencies, such as natural disasters and security breaches, to everyday

Leverage Entry Control Solutions to Protect Your Church

  Thanks to increasing awareness of the importance of installing security in places of worship, many of these facilities have now invested in security technology that can help keep both their facilities and members more secure. As the threat of violence towards religious groups becomes a growing issue, facility managers for these buildings have seen

Protecting Your Church with a Security System

  When properly implemented, a church security system helps protect a church’s property, congregation and guests. Protecting your house of worship takes more than simply putting up a couple of security cameras. There are various components to security that will allow your church to protect itself. Surveillance Cameras Security cameras are not only great for

Electronic Access Control

  By Terry Berringer There are many ways of securing an entryway, and the first thing you must realize is that to secure an entrance, there has to be some type of vetting being done. This is done by person or by electronic device. The best way to prevent having someone enter an area would

Worship Safely: How Can You Improve Church Security?

  It’s the morning of your service. Church members are entering the building and finding their seats. Families are catching up with one another in the parking lot, the lobby and along the aisles. You never know when something could happen at your church. Places of worship are often perceived as safe, comfortable spaces for

Keeping Your Church Office Staff Safe

  By Terry Berringer I visit one church when making calls that sits atop a beautifully manicured hilltop. The winding drive that ascends the hill is spectacularly well kept. The parking lot is clean and well marked. The lot is completely empty except for one lone vehicle. When I park near the sole vehicle, I

Safe Security with Touchless Technology

  By James Segil When we look back on 2020, we will remember it as a year characterized by two things: public health, and social & political unrest. The coronavirus pandemic not only forced us to retreat to our homes and close down our places of work and worship, but it also put public spaces

Why Access Control?

  By Andrew Joseph “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will remain secure and rest in the shadow of the Almighty [whose power no enemy can withstand]” (Psalm 91:1 AMP) Church organizations of every size can benefit from the security an access control system provides. Adding door locks and precautionary systems

The Cost of Access Control in Places of Worship

  Houses of worship and the buildings around them are meant to be safe places for members and visitors to practice their faith in worship, study and fellowship activities. These religious spaces are also often utilized by community groups when services and church-related meetings and activities are not taking place. There was a time when

How Do Intelligent Key Systems Work?

  As a church, security is one of the most important issues you will address. When it comes to creating a solid security plan for your worship facility, there are plenty of important steps you can take. A comprehensive approach to security will most likely include some sort of video surveillance, alarm system, and entry

Old Testament Security with New Testament Technology

  By Kelly Clemens It’s a bustling Sunday morning as the church wakes up for another busy day. The coffee is brewing, the prayer group is meeting, and a rambunctious toddler runs down a hallway. Another group is also meeting and preparing for the day: the church security team. They get wired up with their

How to Design an Effective Security Strategy

According to a report by the FBI, 6,121 hate crimes were reported in 2016, 21% of which were directed against people or institutions due to their religion. That’s more than 1,200 religious hate crimes. FBI statistics also show that religious hate crimes seem to be on the rise; in the first 4 months of 2017,

Access Control and Door Security Systems for Churches

People attend church for comfort, safety, and a sense of belonging. They don’t expect to feel unsafe or to have their security compromised during mass or prayer but, unfortunately, places of worship have become targets in our increasingly polarized world. Aside from political-fueled violence and bigotry, churches also often store valuable items of cultural and

Operating a Church Security Ministry

By Dwayne Harris “Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood.” — Acts 20:28 Is church security an option or a mandate? Many pastors are fully aware of the various threats and

8 Tips to Secure Your Church Daycare

By Jason Maddox There are many cost-effective ways to secure your church daycare or preschool facility. In this article, we share eight best practices for church daycare security using a combination of policies, procedures and technology to protect the children and employees in your care. 1. Develop Policies & Procedures Manual If you don’t already

Security Access Control for Churches

By Keith Shaver Access control – the term used to describe a security system that manages entry into a facility. For churches, access control is becoming an increasingly important security tool, as it allows the church to manage a person’s entry by using programmed schedules to control access to perimeter doors and specific areas of

Church Access for All

One challenge for church, synagogue, and religious facility managers tasked to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been offering full access to elevated areas in centers of faith. These areas can range from stages and raised platforms for the worship leaders to balconies or stadium style auditorium seating for the congregation, to second

How to Protect Children in Church Nurseries

  This article originally appeared in the October 2007 issue. By Kevin Hosey Kevin Hosey is marketing director for Long Range Systems, Since 1993, LRS has been providing on-site paging and management systems to churches and other industries worldwide. I have been attending churches since I was a little boy. Besides renewing my faith
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