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Modular Buildings: Investigate Permits First

By Matt Banes For facility managers, administers, and board members at religious organizations across the U.S., finding quick and affordable solutions to space issues is a common challenge. Modular buildings have become a go-to facility answer, offering fast and cost-effective ways to add classroom, office and meeting spaces, whether it’s for a few months or

Why Your Church Needs Modular Buildings

  You may think modular construction is only useful for offices and classrooms, but that’s not the case. Many houses of worship are turning to modular construction to satisfy their needs while staying under budget. Like all modular buildings, these customizable spaces are the perfect way to accommodate growth and change quickly and easily. Let’s

Why Modular?     

      By Keith Medford As our communities begin to emerge from the grips of the COVID pandemic, our churches face new challenges. The fear, loss and uncertainty that swept the country for the last 17 months has brought with it a new curiosity regarding faith and Christianity for many. Explosive growth in faith-based
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