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Church Furniture

Selecting the Right Site Furnishings

  By Ryan Colwell A place of worship is more than just a building; it’s an expression of the community that uses it. But what does this mean for your church? Well, it’s up to you! Leaders of a parish know that the way their church feels and looks has a direct impact on the

Mobile Folding Tables Are a Versatile Furniture Solution for Churches

  Maximizing every square foot of your space is important when building a community. Transforming common environments for multifunctional use is easy with furniture solutions. With the help of a mobile folding table, spaces can be reconfigured to meet whatever the need is at a moment’s notice. Traditionally in event spaces, a folding leg table

The Evolution of Church Seating

  While the spiritual message remains the same, the physical church continues to evolve.  Certainly, we have seen some of the biggest changes over the last 20 to 30 years in worship seating. There has never been more diversity in churches than what we see today. There are both formal and casual, as well as

How Do You Choose Between Church Flexible and Fixed Seating?

  When your church or synagogue furniture is nearing the end of its life, or you’re opening a new house of worship, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is your seating options. The traditional answer of straight or curved pews provides comfortable sitting places encouraging fellowship. On the other hand, some contemporary congregations

Selecting the Right Church Chairs

  By Joe Agati For many years, churches have utilized the tried-and-true seating option: the pew. When it came time to upgrade, there were a limited number of options from which to choose. As part of modernity movements in various faiths, many churches moved towards a similarly styled padded chairs with metal bases. You may

Does Worship Seating Have an Effect on Church Culture?

  By Joe Dudeck Imagine this. It’s another Sunday morning. The doors open to your church, and it comes alive with the beautiful sights and sounds of people filling your space. Young and old, men and women, long-time members and first-time attendees—all standing together to meet, greet, talk, and connect with one another. But in

Does Your Pulpit Enhance the Worship Experience?

  By Alan Gao A pastor spends most of his time in church service behind a pulpit. While a podium does not impact the sermon’s substance, it does play a significant role in shaping the tune of church worship ambience. A good pulpit helps draw your congregation to the pulpit, and a bad choice can

FAQs: Interlocking Chairs

  By Ryan Borgstrom Have you ever visited a church before and wondered how they managed to get their chairs so straight and even? This is the power of interlocking chairs. More churches have made the change, replacing older wooden pews with interlocking church chairs. As you consider the future look and function of your

Is Your Podium Ruining Your Efforts?

  By Louis Desrosiers In a church, the podium will remain the centerpiece of most events. One should take care when settling up with a podium. This piece of furniture is not ordinary. That’s because it is closely involved in the message you want to convey. Modern Looking They say “clothes do not make the

The Lasting Impact of Exterior Furnishings

  By Angela Maloney As a manufacturer of commercial outdoor furniture, we have been seeing many different types of properties across the country make shifts to increase the usage of outdoor spaces. Religious facilities and church properties are no exception. These facilities have been providing new ways for members and visitors to connect with their

The Overlooked Benefits of Updated Seating

  By Donnie Brawner Seating can be of the most contentious topics for a church. The debate is typically between those who want to hold onto their traditional pews and those who want a more modern solution. This article will address what’s often overlooked when deciding on seating for your church. When discussing seating, the

What Should You Know About Selecting Worship Chair Upholstery?

  By Amanda Caraway There are many things to consider when choosing the upholstery for your worship chairs. In general, the commercial material industry offers five common materials for upholstering chairs: fabric, vinyl, polyurethane, leather, and silicone. Leather and silicone have a few disadvantages. Leather is a high-end upholstery that is difficult to produce in

Is It Time to Replace Your Pulpit?

  By Steve Antunes When church members walk into the sanctuary, chances are the first thing they see is your pulpit. If it appears cheap, old, worn out or tired, that impacts on their perception of your platform and possibly the success of your ministry. On the other hand, if you have an elegant, well-crafted

How to Enhance Social Distancing in Your Church

  By Katie Albrecht Since the world is at a challenging time with sickness, job loss, and grief running rampant, churches are needed more than ever. Many people look to their local church as a form of solace and community, and without it, they can suffer greatly. Although video streams of Sunday Mass and prayer

3 Ways to Add Function and Flexibility to a Worship Space

  The role of the modern church is evolving with places of worship expanding their reach and impact by serving as gathering places outside of the traditional Sunday morning service. In fact, the new role of the church building expands far beyond the classical context of religion. When the time comes, many churches will once

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Worship Seating

  The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 (Corona) virus has created multiple challenges for houses of worship. The CDC has suggested that coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for prevention of COVID-19

Finding the Best Church Chairs for Your Congregation

  Church chairs are the cornerstone of the churchgoing experience. People congregate, greet, meet, share and worship around these essential tools, and without them, things would look very different for parishioners. From sanctuary pews to plastic folding chairs for church picnics, there are many different types of church chairs to choose from depending on what

3 Big Benefits of Radius Curved Pews for Your Congregation

  True radius curved pews can increase seating capacity in your worship space. This means your growing congregation will better fit in the sanctuary you already have or accommodate more worshipers for years to come in your newly built space. If your church or other sacred worship space resides in a very old, traditional building,

Today’s Choices in Pulpits, Podiums, and Lecterns

  By Don Roth Today’s choices in pulpits, podiums, and lecterns have expanded along with churches’ congregational styles, ranges of activities, types of facilities utilized – indoors and out, and, of course, budgets. The once traditional stationary wooden pulpit, perched in front of and above the congregation, is now sometimes replaced by more sleek and

What to Look for When Buying Church Chairs

So, you’re in the market for new worship seating and don’t know where to start? First, you’ll need to decide whether you want chairs or pews. While pews have been a solid seating option for churches for many years, stackable church chairs offer several advantages. Consider the following: Pew cost can be double or triple

Selecting Chairs for Your Worship Facility

By Amy DalCanton Which chair style is best for your church? You’re currently looking for the perfect seating for your project or renovation, and you may be debating what style fits best with your overall design vision. Both traditional and contemporary types of seating have their advantages, especially when paired with the most common design

Components of Operable Partitions

By Terry Fontaine Operable partitions, also commonly known as airwalls, are versatile, movable wall systems that are produced by several manufacturers. While they’re known as walls and partitions, they’re actually entire systems that have a variety of components and parts. Across the variety of manufacturers and styles, there can be a massive amount of difference

Maximizing the Use of Public Space

By Steve Cohen The key to creating a facility that adds value beyond Sunday lies in the design of public space—the areas where people meet, eat, learn and relax. In the modern congregation, there are many types of public space, including lobbies, social halls, recreation rooms, youth lounges, coffee shops and corner nooks. While each

5 Questions to Ask About Your Multipurpose Room

By Julie Wenckowski Like you, I’ve participated in plenty of church planning meetings where we’ve asked ourselves: Where can we get more space for the youth group? How can we better serve our community? What is the best location to store the worship equipment when not in use? Questions like these prompted our leaders to

Cost of Used Church Sanctuary Furniture

  This article originally appeared in the August 2013 issue. By Joshua Gabrielson Joshua Gabrielson is a church furniture consultant. I get a lot of people who contact me through my website asking about what something should cost online in the used church furniture market. I see tons of places like Craigslist that offer church

Choosing Church Seating

We recently spoke with Steve at K-Bilt Worship Furniture to find out what questions a church should ask when choosing auditorium or sanctuary seating. All churches desire to be good stewards of their budget; with so many different types of seating available, how do they make the best decision? Here’s what Steve said. Pews, Chairs

How to Choose the Best Chair Type for Your Church

Though many people have a good sense of what is comfortable and what they enjoy sitting in, most people are not so well-informed about what they should look for when shopping for church chairs. There are many different seating options out there, and you want to make sure that the people in your community will

A Guide to Modernizing Your Dated Sanctuary

Those once gleaming benches and bright colored walls of your sanctuary now look pretty dingy. You know that the whole vibe of the space is several years out of date, too. It might be hard to justify the update when it comes to looking at your budget, especially if it seems to be working just

Tables and Chairs for Fellowship and Flexibility

By Ren Texeira In the mission to bring more people into fellowship, many churches are seeing design with new eyes. A move toward more flexible spaces and third place areas has many churches thinking about whether pews, theater seating and larger fixed-leg tables meet those needs. While pews are still favored by some more traditional

Versatile Lecterns for Every Speaking Need Enhance Meaningful Services and Events

By Don Roth For all the activities that take place in your church – worship, education, or social – presentation tools can make the difference between satisfying and frustrating experiences. It is vital to have equipment that ensures all participants can hear and share comfortably, and it is equally important to maintain the tone and

Moveable Walls: Our Best Tips!

1. Use Space Efficiently Before you build for the wrong reasons, decide if your church is short of space. Can your needs be met by changing or rearranging? Shifting classes to rooms sized for the actual attendance should give a growing church more room for growth and time to plan for expansion. Explore other options

Renovating Your Sanctuary Seating

By Amanda Opdycke Many churches today are opting to renovate rather than proceed with a complete design-build for a new church. Renovating your church is an effective way to update and enhance your parishioner’s experience during the service while maintaining a modest budget. Renovations range from short-term projects, such as updated painting, flooring and seating,

Church Access for All

One challenge for church, synagogue, and religious facility managers tasked to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been offering full access to elevated areas in centers of faith. These areas can range from stages and raised platforms for the worship leaders to balconies or stadium style auditorium seating for the congregation, to second

Selecting Your Seating Style

By Amanda Opdycke & Jacob Hauter When renovating or installing new furniture, there are important options to consider. Various seating options can fit well in the church. Depending on the floor layout of the building, some seating styles can be the perfect fit for the congregation. Pews The classic look and comfortable feel of pews

Beyond the Stage: A Holistic Approach to Church Design

By Ryan Nelson As the former art director at Mars Hill Church, Eleazar Ruiz is sensitive to how physical elements of a room or a service affect our posture towards God, our attitude towards worship, and our experience of a sermon. “I visited an Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle, and the design and silence of the

A Guide to Choosing the Right Church Chair

By Nina Campbell Finding the right church seating is a really important decision to make. It’s a big financial commitment for most churches, and it’s likely that the chairs will be around for a long time. Here are some key attributes to consider when looking at church chairs. What do you really require? Whether it’s

The Case for Stacking Banquet Seating

By Chris Hodgson This month marks five years since Religious Product News published an article, written by MityLite, about the considerations that should be made when looking for Multi-Purpose Seating. We’d like to revisit the suggestions and tips described in that article, specifically about banquet and stacking chairs, and look at what has, or hasn’t,

Evaluating and Selecting Baptismal Pools

  This article originally appeared in the December 2005 issue. By Larry Lydick Larry Lydick is director of marketing, sales and engineering for Fiberglass Specialties, I once read (via Merriam Webster online) that baptism was “admitting the recipient to the Christian community.” It struck me that this definition is emotionally the same as admitting