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CCI Solutions Upgrades Calvary Chapel with Martin Audio CDD

February 13, 2019 jill Blog
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The Calvary Chapel in East Anaheim, California, recently underwent a significant audio and lighting upgrade with a full complement of Martin Audio CDD speakers installed by CCI Solutions of Seattle, Nashville and Los Angeles.

Asked about the system design and installation for Calvary, CCI Project Manager Justin Geoghegan responded, “The main challenge was providing even coverage throughout the space with a low trim height of 13 feet. Our only option was to take a distributed speaker approach, which worked well.”

He continued, “In terms of the sanctuary, the main PA hang speakers consists of five Martin Audio CDD12 speakers above the stage with three across the front and two side fills. To ensure smooth, consistent coverage for all of the congregants, we mounted seven CDD12 as delay speakers to cover the back half and sides of the room. Three center-flown CSX218 subs provide more than enough low end for the electric bands at the contemporary worship services.”

The CCI team also installed seven Martin Audio CDD8-WR and four CDD12-WR for several outdoor spaces adjoining the facility.

As Geoghegan describes, “The weatherized CDD speakers provide effective coverage for the main parking lot and front courtyard where people hang out before service. The idea for the parking lot speakers is to build anticipation, allowing people to hear what’s going on in the building and to connect with worship experience as soon as they begin walking towards the building.”

He continued, “For the courtyard, some people sit there for service because they prefer to be outdoors and they can let their children run around without distracting those inside. Some people may also spend time in the courtyard connecting with friends or newcomers and having the audio present outside allows them to stay connected to the services.”

The sound system also includes an Allen & Heath D-Live C3500 FOH console, Lab.Gruppen amps and Shure ULX-D wireless mic systems.

In terms of lighting, Geoghegan reports, “The house lights were changed out to a Chroma-Q Inspire full color RGBW LED system, stage lighting is now a combination of Chauvet Ovation F95 Fresnels for front light, COLORado 1 Solos for static color and Rogue R2 washes and R2 spots for moving lights, with a Chamsys MQ80 lighting console.

Summing up, he concludes, “They are thrilled with the PA system, both inside and out. The previous system didn’t produce even coverage or a pleasing sound. The Martin Audio CDD design the CCI Solutions team installed not only covers the room within plus or minus 3 dB at 2-5kHz, it sounds really good.”

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