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Victory Church Engages the World

May 11, 2023 jill Blog
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For Victory Church in Westminster, Colorado, entering the live-stream world was something that they aimed to achieve within the next few years, but when the pandemic struck, it was a shift that they needed to make within a few weeks.

With a limited budget and requirements for wireless capabilities, Pliant Technologies’ MicroCom XR digital wireless intercom system was the right solution for Victory Church. With MicroCom XR, production staff and volunteers can deploy a reliable solution for clear communication, helping productions—both in-person and live-streamed—go on without a glitch.

“The Pliant system was the first intercom to be deployed at Victory Church,” said Krystle Thompson, creative director at Victory Church. “When looking at our options, I knew we needed a system that could handle upwards of five users, while allowing personnel to move freely in order to have multiple wireless cameras on stage and not have to worry about being tied down by a wire.”

Working with non-technical volunteers, Thompson appreciates the ease-of-use of Pliant’s MicroCom XR.

“From camera operators to computer/graphics and lighting operators, many of which have no prior broadcast experience, they can pick up their MicroCom pack and communicate with ease,” she explained. “The small learning curve is a huge benefit for our volunteers, which range from teenagers to people in their mid-70s.”

In addition to its simplicity and budget-friendly price tag, MicroCom XR’s extensive range has been beneficial to the church.

“Victory Church is a long, rectangle shape with our production booth all the way in the back and the stage on the opposite end in the front,” said Thompson. “With MicroCom XR, we can hear each other clearly from both ends of the building. We’ve even walked approximately 30 feet outside of the concrete wall structure while setting up for outdoor events, and even then, we never lost the signal. MicroCom XR’s range is really impressive.”

Thompson is also a fan of the brand’s SmartBoom PRO headsets, both single- and dual-ear models, which provide the church with a complete, high-performing communication solution.

“The headsets are amazing and the noise canceling is extremely helpful,” she said. “Our camera operators typically deploy the dual-ear versions, while our operators in the production suite prefer the single-ear. It’s great that I can hear everything that’s going on around me while also hearing everything clearly through the intercom. The audio quality is super crisp.”

Additionally, Thompson appreciates the expandability of MicroCom XR and looks forward to adding additional packs in the future.

“Pliant has been an integral part of our transition to live streaming,” she said. “I’m honored to be a part of Victory Church and to be able to engage with our congregation through the power of technology.”

Pliant Technologies is a leading provider of professional wireless intercom solutions ranging from simple out-of-the-box configurations to large-scale designs for industries such as broadcast, live sound, theatre, and many more,


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