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Freedom Church

November 10, 2022 jill Blog
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Taking fellowship to a new place

At Freedom Church in Owasso, Oklahoma, Pastor Andrew Rankin was inspired to expand ministry opportunities by restructuring existing spaces into multipurpose church facilities and encouraging his congregation’s desire to fellowship.

Churches By Daniels worked with Freedom Church to reconfigure their existing church space into a multipurpose facility space for their congregation.

The space contained:

  • 3,686 square feet of space
  • A larger foyer
  • A gathering space
  • A café

The project included a porte-cochere at the church entrance, which provided an enhanced drop-off option for people with limited mobility, as well as shelter during inclement weather.

While Freedom Church mainly needed an updated remodel, there were some challenges to overcome.

The first challenge was the rough elevation that presented itself when the team was working on the porte-cochere. Fortunately, working with a local concrete company provided an easy solution and a safe one for all of the churchgoers.

Another challenge was for the space to be able to serve multiple purposes. Every dollar needed to be stretched to incorporate the new functionality into the space.

The value engineering team at Churches by Daniels was able to suggest and design a project based on the customer’s needs for their space without sacrificing aesthetics.

For this project, one of their suggestions was to go with a luxury vinyl tile instead of ceramic, saving headaches down the road from potential cracks in the floor and providing a great look at a fraction of the price. They were able to use the money they saved in other parts of the project.

In addition, the value engineering team was so efficient that they finished the project on time and under budget. The pastor and congregation were highly satisfied with the results.

Churches by Daniels may be based out of Oklahoma, but they are licensed and bonded in 48 states and want to help you serve your community and congregation. They are here to listen and help you serve a higher purpose. Contact them for a consultation,

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