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November 2009 Playgrounds Product Roundup

Grounds For Play
Grounds For Play is a worldwide leader in providing a full array of outdoor environment products and services designed to meet your specific needs. They offer complete, turnkey solutions for all your outdoor requirements: fall-zone materials, shades, shelters, pavilions, tables, benches, site amenities, and safe play equipment. At Grounds For Play, their vision is to create "whole" environments for the "whole" child. This vision creates playgrounds that engage all of the children and in more ways than just active play.  www.groundsforplay.com

KOMPAN designers understand that children have different abilities at every stage in their development. From innovative electronic structures for the dynamic digital generation to colorful thematic designs for younger children, KOMPAN's wide variety of product designs offers creative solutions for any play environment. KOMPAN is committed to making the most of children's time on the playground by providing engaging, challenging, and durable playgrounds that ensure kids play harder, stay longer, and come back more often to satisfy their natural need to play.

Pebble-Flex Surfacing
Pebble-Flex Surfacing is an ideal choice for all of your resurfacing and safety surfacing needs.  Their UV light stable system combines thermoplastic urethane pebbles with aliphatic urethane binder, making a soft, safe, durable, and skid-resistant surface. Their products are the result of constant, ongoing research and development. Pebble-Flex is the ideal product for spray parks, water parks, pool decks, and playgrounds. They can incorporate intricate designs using bright colors, which won't fade or degrade in sunlight. They offer a 5-year warranty. 

SofTILE from Sof Surfaces
SofTILE is a highly durable safety surfacing system that locks in place, is vandal resistant, class A fire rated, and provides fall protection ratings that exceed national standards. SofTILE has been engineered with specific features designed to directly address issues associated with excessive maintenance, premature wear, and non-compliance with safety standards. The success of the SofTILE KrosLOCK brand has been rooted in its ability to offer lower total cost of ownership, while reducing liability concerns through strict performance benchmarks for impact attenuation.

EcoPlay Playgrounds from Safeplay Systems
Custom-designed to meet each customer's unique requirements, EcoPlay Playgrounds from Safeplay Systems enhance your environmental stewardship efforts being manufactured from post-consumer, recycled HDPE plastic (milk jugs). The average play structure keeps 30,000 milk jugs out of landfill. EcoPlay is impermeable to water, cannot be eaten by insects, never needs painting or sealing, and won't splinter, crack, swell, or rust making it virtually maintenance free.

PlayGuard Playground Safety Surfacing
PlayGuard has been protecting children from playground-related accidents and creating more accessible play areas for children of all ages and abilities for over 15 years. PlayGuard playground tiles safely cushion the impact of a fall to reduce the risk of serious injury for both outdoor and indoor play areas. ECORE International, the manufacturer of PlayGuard, reinforces its commitment to safety by being one of the few playground surfacing manufacturers to take its product through the rigorous process of being IPEMATM certified.

Detailed Play PRO
Detailed Play PRO offers a complete line of playground equipment play structures for churches, including plastic play structures, early childhood play structures, and larger metal play systems. These world-class units have punched steel decks and stairs with PVC finish, galvanized 3.5" diameter steel tubing with powder-coated finish in your choice of color and rotationally molded plastic slides, hoods, roofs, and polyethylene wall panels, all in your choice of color. The products are designed for constant use by children ages 2-12.

Evos by Landscape Structures
Kids simply can't resist Landscape Structures' "gyroscopic" Evos playsystem, with its unique arched design that's so unique, it's patent-pending worldwide. Evos playsystems offer almost endless physical, mental, and creative challenges. Kids love deciding how to play on equipment they've never seen before. They can't get enough of the suspended play events and bouncy Corocord climbing cables, which build upper-body strength and core strength as kids balance and counterbalance their bodies against the forces of gravity. Imaginations get a workout, too, as kids navigate a playsystem with no prescribed entry or exit points.

Play Mart
Leading manufacturing of recycled plastic playground equipment, Play Mart's playgrounds contain 100 percent recycled plastic with a 100-year warranty. Their structures contribute toward LEED certified projects. The equipment is also low maintenance: no splinters, no chipping, no fading. An entirely new section on their Web site, the "Green Zone," offers a wealth of information on how Play Mart is "Recovering yesterday's plastics for today's play."

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