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The Power of Voice in a Turbo-Charged World
By: Amanda C. Washington

The world we live in is so fast-paced: drive-thru lanes, fast-food restaurants, paying bills by the touch of a button. Even the way we communicate is turbo-charged, with our text messages, e-mails and status updates. We have a tendency to get going so fast that we become a little disconnected – even with all our connections.

A dear friend of mine got engaged a few years back and instead of calling to tell all of her college friends the exciting news, she sent an e-mail. A year later, we all got a text message telling us the happy couple was expecting their first child. I remember thinking how nice it would have been to hear her tell the news, to hear her excitement, joy, and happiness. 

Now, we find out about new babies and engagements through status updates and receive birthday wishes on social media wall posts. We are supposed to be so connected now with all of our gadgets, smart phones, and iPads, but I feel strangely disconnected. Ironic isn’t it that we’ve lost touch through the very things that were meant to keep us in touch in the first place?

I started wondering: how can we reconnect and keep everyone informed, while making it personal and still keep up the pace? Text messages, e-mails and status updates inform quickly but are very impersonal. Their commonality is the lack of tone. A single sentence written can be taken so many ways: seriously, sarcastically, jokingly, etc. Intent can be skewed and misinterpreted depending on how someone reads it. Without tone, personality is absent and meaning can be lost in personal translation.

Through tone of voice, you hear compassion, sensitivity, urgency, empathy, sadness, excitement and joy. Tone allows us to convey our feelings. While the written word is beautiful, it is so much more when spoken. Think of a sermon: when a sermon is read, you get the idea, but when a sermon is heard, you feel the message…you are moved.

Technology provides us with so many tools to use to keep in touch: e-mail, text messaging, social media, voice messaging. But only one retains the power of voice, the intensity of tone: voice messaging. 

Enabling us to send a single voice message to a number of people in a matter of minutes, voice messaging delivers our message exactly the way we intend it. It allows us to reconnect in a way that frees our hands and our time to keep pace; it keeps our message personal.

It truly is the best of both worlds, where tone marries velocity – voice at light speed. It gives us the ability to remind about a youth trip with excitement, request a prayer with compassion, and announce the birth of a child with sheer joy.

Voice messaging provides the tool to utilize the raw power of your voice and share your message…in a turbo-charged world.

Amanda C. Washington is marketing manager for CallingPost Communications, www.CallingPost.com.

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