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2012 VBS Programs

LifeWay's "Amazing Wonders Aviation"
Watch amazing things happen as kids encounter God like never before—all against the backdrop of some of the world's most marvelous natural wonders. As kids explore Psalm 147:5, they'll recognize God's power over all things, trust that God is always in control, accept God's gift of forgiveness, celebrate that Jesus is alive, and rely on God's power.

Group's "Sky"
Imagine kids trusting God forever... the sky's the limit! The Thrill...The Joy...The Freedom! Every kid wishes they could fly, so imagine transforming your church into the boundless blue sky! At Sky VBS, kids discover that by trusting God, everything is possible.

"SonRise National Park" from Gospel Light
Get ready for exciting wilderness thrills as you head out to beautiful SonRise National Park! Kids will be awestruck by snow-capped mountains, thundering waterfalls, wildflower meadows bursting with color, and amazing animals like soaring eagles, friendly huskies, and herds of caribou. As kids explore SonRise National Park, they'll learn the most important survival skill of all: they can always depend on Jesus.

"Adventures on Promise Island" from Standard Publishing
Come join us for Adventures on Promise Island—where kids discover God's lifesaving love! Amid the swaying palm trees, exotic wildlife, and welcoming sunshine, kids will learn that God promises: I am with you. I will save you. I care about you. I will answer you. I give you what you need. God's promises never change, but your life definitely will!

"Bug Zone" VBS from Regular Baptist Press
Discover God's power to transform lives. This VBS challenges students to obediently follow God's leading; bravely trust His promises, power, and presence; and obey Him even in hard times. Believing in Jesus as Savior transforms our lives so we want to please God and tell others how He can change them, too!

Concordia House's "Amazing Desert Journey"
Amazing Desert Journey teaches children about God's amazing plan to rescue them through His Son from sin and death. As they hear the accounts from Scripture of God's forgiveness, mercy, and salvation, children can relate these Bible truths to their own life of faith.

"Sonlight Express, Jesus and Me" from Bogard Press
The first stop on the journey will be at the Great Gorge to learn how to receive Jesus Christ as Savior. The second stop will be at Mercy Meadows to learn the importance of following Jesus. Then, head over to Fearless Falls to learn how to trust Jesus in difficult times. Next, head through the Timeless Tunnel to hear about Christ's resurrection and what it means. The last stop will be at Sonrise Summit to learn about Christ's return.

"IncrediWorld" from Answers in Genesis
At IncrediWorld, we want to give God the glory He deserves for who He is and what He has made! Your kids will go wild as they experience God's incredible world of wonders and learn that the Bible tells the truth in Genesis about God creating all things in six actual days! They'll find out that true science supports the biblical account!

"Praise" from Go Fish Guys
"Praise" is a curriculum that is God-centered in every area. You would be amazed how difficult that is to do. The tendency is always to cater to kids instead of us keeping the focus on God! Can you be God-centered and have fun at the same time? You better believe it! Ultimately it is all about giving praise to the only One who deserves it - God!

Cokesbury's "Operation Overboard"
Dive in and discover God's underwater universe! Explore the depths of God's Word at VBS 2012 with Cokesbury's Operation Overboard – Dare To Go Deep With God! In this action-packed adventure, your kids will swim with humpback whales and seahorses, scuba through a vibrant coral reef, and take a personal submarine to the ocean floor, where eels and octopi play.

"No Friend Like Jesus" from Abingdon Press
From the African talking drum to the smart-phone, people like to stay connected with friends and family. With this program, No Friend Like Jesus: Get Connected, participants will connect with God and community in a Bible-based, social networking progression from image to profile to update to friends, ultimately sending a message about faith in Jesus Christ.

"Fishin' on a Mission with Jesus" from Urban Ministries
Are you ready to go fishing? Young and old alike are drowning in a sea of hopelessness as they search in all the wrong places to deal with their struggles. We have the perfect life preserver through Jesus Christ. It's time to go fishing for the next generation! Urban Ministries' VBS 2012 theme is to encourage and equip all believers to witness to others about Jesus.

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