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Big Picture and Big Possibilities
By: Brooke Pidgeon

There seems to be several different individual perceptions as to the task and performance of one’s stewardship responsibility. Is a single act of stewardship good enough?

“I give $100 per week to my church…that should be good enough for them to do what they need.” Isn’t that enough?

“I stop by the church and water the plants every morning during the summer.” Isn’t that enough?

“I fixed the drinking fountain in the lobby. I didn’t see anyone else there doing it.” Isn’t that enough?
Why would you suppose each of those sentences start with “I?”  Is stewardship only about you?

A small percentage is about you and the effort you make, but a larger percentage is about what you can do for others.
Once we begin to encompass the thought process of “WE” into our daily stewardship mentality, we will begin noticing the true essence of stewardship.

Let’s look at those same three examples with an entirely different view:

Example 1: My $100 is helping provide the resources to reach out to one more individual in their time of need

Example 2: Everyone that sees this church will enjoy the view and hopefully signal a welcome invitation.

Example 3: No one will go thirsty in the House of the Lord!
Members and parishioners that can see the “big picture” of stewardship will naturally engage themselves within their Christian community. Most importantly, our responsibilities lie with raising our children to know Jesus Christ and introducing as many people as possible to His powers. We see in our travels across the U.S. that vibrant church communities (where members and parishioners are engaged) are growing and not slowing!
God’s blessing is evident where stewardship comes from the support of “WE” and not the gift from “I.” God looks at the heart, not the hand—the giver, not the gift.
Is your church or parish developing “I Stewards” or “We Stewards?”
Brooke Pidgeon is with Church Budget Envelope & Mailing Company / Parish Support, Ltd., www.churchbudget.com.

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